Indian Mother blames Son’s Suicide on Wife for ‘No Sex’

An Indian mother from Gujarat suffered a tragedy when her son took his own life. She blamed his suicide on his wife for no sex.

Indian Mother blames Son's Suicide on Wife for 'No Sex' f

"he told me that they did not have relations"

An Indian mother has blamed her son’s suicide on his wife when she “refused to have sex with him”.

The 32-year-old woman has now been booked under charges of abetment to suicide. The incident happened in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

According to the man’s mother, his wife did not allow them to have sex during the 22 months of their married life.

Police registered the offence against Geeta Parmar on August 6, 2020, following a complaint by 55-year-old Muli Parmar.

In her complaint, Muli explained that her son, Surendrasinh, had married Geeta in October 2018.

Geeta was his second wife. Surendrasinh had divorced his first wife in 2016. Meanwhile, Geeta had previously separated from two other men through customary divorce.

Muli alleges that the couple never had sex during their marriage and even slept in separate beds.

She claimed that Geeta’s refusal caused her son “mental stress” which eventually led to him taking his own life.

Muli said: “Once I had gone inside my son’s room and found that he and my daughter-in-law were sleeping on different beds.

“When I asked my son about this, he told me that they did not have relations as Geeta had taken a vow that she would not sleep with her husband.”

The Indian mother said that this had a profound effect on her son’s mental health.

This would lead the couple to have arguments over petty issues. Shortly before his death, the situation worsened and it eventually led to Geeta leaving him and returning to her parent’s home.

Surendrasinh also blocked her phone number, however, he ended up feeling depressed.

On July 27, his family members had to go to a funeral, leaving him alone at home. It was then he decided to take his own life.

When the family members returned, they found him hanging from the ceiling fan.

Muli has now come out and told police that his wife was to blame for her son’s death. She claimed that her refusal of sex was the cause.

While an FIR has been registered against Geeta, the matter is currently being investigated by Shaherkotda Police.

In another incident, a man was granted a divorce on the basis that he was not having sex with his wife.

The Delhi Court justified the case, by stating that depriving the husband of sex without any valid reason can be regarded as mental cruelty.

The verdict was made after the husband filed for divorce complaining that his wife was subjecting him to mental cruelty after refusing any physical relations for four-and-a-half-years.

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