Indian Man gambles Wife then Pours Acid on Her

In a shocking incident, an Indian man from Bihar gambled his wife and lost her to his friends. He then threw acid at her.

Indian Man gambles Wife then Pours Acid on Her f

"He has confessed that he lost his wife in a gambling bet"

An Indian man has been arrested for throwing acid at his wife after gambling her.

The shocking incident happened in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar.

It was reported that the man bet his wife and lost. He then forced her to have sex with his gambler friends. When she refused to continue the sexual relations, he poured acid on her.

The 30-year-old victim had obliged with her husband and had sex with the men on three occasions.

But afterwards, she refused and it led to the acid attack.

Mozahidpur Police Station SHO Rajesh Kumar Jha said that the accused was identified as Sonu Harijan. He said that the husband was arrested on December 13, 2020.

SHO Jha added: “As the case is extremely sensitive, we have immediately registered an FIR and arrested the accused.

“Further investigation is underway and other accused will be arrested too if they are found to be involved in this case.”

During questioning, Harijan confessed to the crime and said he lost a bet sometime in November 2020.

As per the commitment, he was to hand over his wife to them for a month, but she refused after the third time.

SHO Jha said: “We are studying the statement of the victim and have arrested the accused.

“He has confessed that he lost his wife in a gambling bet and also forced her to have sexual relations with his gambler friends.”

After she refused, the Indian man threw acid at her in a fit of anger.

The victim suffered burn injuries, however, her in-laws held her captive in a bid to conceal the incident. They gave her basic medical treatment.

The matter came to light on December 13, 2020, when the victim was able to escape. She turned up at her parent’s house in Lodipur and explained what had happened.

She went to Lodipur Police Station where the officers asked the victim to go to Mozahidpur Police Station.

In a similar case, a man from Uttar Pradesh allegedly gambled his wife and lost.

After losing the game, he allegedly allowed his friend and relative to gang-rape her. The victim explained her ordeal to officers at Jafarabad Police Station.

She said that her husband was an alcoholic who regularly gambled.

His friend Arun and relative Anil regularly visited her home to drink and gamble.

After running out of money, he gambled his wife and lost. He then let Arun and Anil rape her.

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