Indian Man with 350 girlfriends Arrested for Extorting US Woman

An Indian man, who supposedly had 350 girlfriends, has been arrested for using marriage to trick women from the US. DESIblitz reports.

Indian Man with 350 girlfriends Arrested for Extorting US Woman

"He tried to cheat another family in Canada."

K. Venkat Ratna Reddy, an Indian man, had a skill of playing the field a little too hard after police found out he had around 350 girlfriends on an online matrimonial website. Reddy, who is 40-years-old, was arrested recently for tricking women into marriage to then simply run off with their money.

In his most recent love affair, Reddy contacted a woman in America and visited her using a business visa to travel from Visakhapatnam to the US. They eventually decided to get married, however after twenty short days, Reddy had fled with 20 lakhs (approximately £24,000) of her money.

After the family filed a complaint, Romeo’s evil twin Reddy was found and also arrested for nine accounts of fraud after police tracked him through electronic surveillance and arrested him from his residence.

The police report also revealed that he was already married and has two children. In his matrimonial profile, he used a fake identification and made a fake claim to be a businessman.

Speaking to India Today, the ACP for cyber crime, Raghuveer said, “After marrying a woman there, he tried to cheat another family in Canada by trapping another woman. He obtained a license to marry in Canada.”

It is not the only time the police have seen Reddy’s face; he was first arrested in 2012 for posing as an income tax officer and demanding money from Telugu filmmakers.

We are writing to the Visakhapatanam police on how an offender wanted in several crimes secured a passport.

“We are also writing to the matrimonial site to provide more information on his profile besides telling them to remove it from the site,” expanded Raghuveer.

Duping women has become a trend as cyber romance is easy to manipulate. A previous case was another Indian man, Manish Gupta, from Dehli. He used to pose as a divorcee and successful businessman on different matrimonial websites and after extorting money, he would disappear and never respond to the women again.

Cases like these make it evident that those using online matrimonial sites need to be extra vigilant and precautious about who they are interacting with via the web.

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