Indian Man Brutally Murdered by his Brother-in-Laws

A 33-year-old man has been murdered in Mumbai, India by his four brother-in-laws. Police have confirmed the arrest of three suspects with one remaining.

Indian Man Brutally Murdered by his Brother-in-Laws f

"We have arrested three men and are looking for one more person."

A man aged 33-years-old, was murdered in Mumbai, India by his four brother-in-laws.

The deceased, Shridhar Yelumalai, a ragpicker in Mumbai had arrived at his wife’s maternal home on November 12, 2018.

He was attempting to resolve a long-standing domestic issue which had caused a three-month separation.

Yelumalai arrived at the family home of his wife in Vakola, in Santacruz East, where his in-laws reside in a Mother Teresa chawl.

A Vakola police officer has confirmed the couple had been fighting for an extended period and Yelumalai had arrived on Monday night to bring his wife and child back home. The couple shared a son together.

The officer said:

“The couple had been fighting and as a result, Yelumalai’s wife left their home with their son to go live with her parents three months ago. Both families stayed in the same locality.”

Police also confirmed that when Yelumalai arrived at the house that night. He was initially stopped by his wife’s parents and brothers from meeting his wife.

After being granted permission to meet with his wife Yelumalai began to attempt to convince his wife to return to their home.

She refused to return and so the couple began to argue. It was while the two were engrossed in their argument that the brothers began to attack Yelumalai who was caught off-guard.

The men were alleged to have brutally assaulted Yelumalai.

With accounts stating that the brother-in-laws beat Yelumalai with iron rods, then they proceeded to stab him in the stomach with a knife.

After stabbing the deceased the accused cohort fled the scene prior to police arrival.

By the time Yelumalai had been taken to a hospital, to seek medical attention, staff confirmed him as deceased.

Senior Inspector Kailas Avhad of Vakola police has confirmed the number of men apprehended:

“We have arrested three men and are looking for one more person.

“They are all brother-in-laws of the deceased.”

With marital disputes being a common issue in most households this crime is particularly shocking. With no confirmation on why it is Yelumalai’s wife had left him and was so adamant on not returning.

The trial for this case will be enlightening. To realise what the motive could be for four brother-in-laws to murder their sister’s husband. In addition to him being the father of their nephew.

This violent and horrific crime seems to be on the road to gaining justice. With three of the accused detained and one more to capture.

Jasneet Kaur Bagri - Jas is a Social Policy graduate. She loves to read, write and travel; gathering as much insight into the world and how it works. Her motto derives from her favourite philosopher Auguste Comte, "Ideas govern the world, or throw it into chaos."

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