Humayun Saeed talks about his role in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

In a recent guest appearance on a show, Humayun Saeed provided insights on his role in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’.

Humayun Saeed shares Character Details for 'The Crown'

"This thought didn’t even cross my mind."

In a recent interview on The Knock Knock Show, Humayun Saeed made a guest appearance and talked about The Crown.

Humayun shared intriguing details about landing the role of Princess Diana’s love interest in the popular Netflix show.

The conversation delved into the casting process, including auditions and the final selection.

Humayun also opened up about his initial reservations when considering auditioning for an English series.

He provided valuable insights into the intricate journey, offering a glimpse into the world of international casting.

Mohib Mirza stressed the fact that Humayun Saeed had to give an audition for The Crown.

He said that this was a lesson for all the new young actors that auditions are important.

Humayun Saeed assured Mohib that this was and should be the process all actors must go through.

He stressed that it should be a standard practice where casting directors assess an actor’s suitability by observing their performance.

Recalling his audition experience, Humayun openly admitted to a simultaneous surge of both excitement and anxiety.

Expressing his admiration for The Crown, the mere opportunity to audition for the show felt like a surreal moment for him.

He confessed that just being considered for such a role was so unbelievable that it almost didn’t register.

“I am a fan of The Crown. I didn’t know where Diana’s character arc was headed when I completed watching Season 4.

“Despite Dr Hasnat being Pakistani, I never thought that The Crown producers would actually cast a Pakistani to play him.

“This thought didn’t even cross my mind.

“So, when I was approached for the role, I became really happy. And then they told me that I had to give an audition.

“That’s when I thought, ‘Damn it! Can’t you tell from my face or my previous work whether I am suitable or not?’”

Humayun was confident that the directors had done their homework before they approached him.

He understood that they still wanted to see how he looked in the role.

Despite his initial worries, Humayun approached the audition with sincerity and dedication, and as a result, he was shortlisted.

“To assess my appearance and performance as Dr Hasnat, they requested a scene where I had to speak and act like him.

“After completing the scene, my agent informed me that I, along with four other actors, had been shortlisted.

“This was out of a total of eight actors approached from India and Pakistan.

“Afterwards, they provided us with another scene to perform, which I also successfully completed.”

Following these events, he received the news that he had been chosen to portray Dr Hasnat in The Crown.

Many appreciated Humayun and his acting skills.

One person said: “I wish to see more Pakistani artists in Hollywood so the world can recognise us as Pakistanis.”

One commented: “Humayun has done justice with his character.”

Another remarked: “You were absolutely amazing in the role of Dr Hasnat.”

One said: “I wish our industry was as fair as theirs. Maybe we would have quality content too then.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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