How to Live a Maximum Life!

Life throws its many challenges at you and sometimes you simply accept the routine of life. But what can we do to live your life to the maximum? We look at some tips that can help to revaluate things to get more from your life.

allow yourself to err and thereby, learn, grow, and solve

Would you wish to deny that we continue to announce all around the world that we are so happy and content with our lives whereas just the next moment you come back to the realisation that it isn’t true?

Do not be shy to confess to yourself that you are missing on living the maximum life even though you deserve all the reasons to do so.

Many times there are things missing that we feel we want to do or achieve but we hold back, maybe due to others or simply ‘don’t have the time’ to do them. Well, the only person that can change that is you and only you.

Here are 10 tips which could help you attain a better transparency on how to live a maximum life on the basis you are acceptable to making some changes, even if they are small ones to start your own life changing revolution.

Check your definition of ‘Living Life’
Firstly, we can only make optimum use of anything only once we are aware of how to actually use it. Most of the waking hours, we are just too busy in completion of our daily routine and the scheduled tasks. If this is your definition, then surely you are living your life in the normal fashion.

However, if your definition has in addition to it, spending time with family or friends, taking good care of your health, enjoying your ‘Me Time,’ indulging in your hobbies, celebrating your weekends and so on, then, this would be the definition of ‘Quality Life’ and not just life. To understand and remember this difference is extremely important.

‘24/7’ can and never change
Whatever you dream and aim for yourself has to be completed in this circle of 24/7. If this can’t change, you CAN!

You should plan your priorities, re-check their positioning in your life and be flexible accordingly. Make sure you do those maximum things or activities that give you pleasure.

You owe yourself some happiness
Start your day with this self-commitment that you would try your best in almost all possible ways to laugh, smile and be happy. Everyone around you is too busy to pull-out time to make you smile, even if they truly wish to do so. So, why wait? Why not take ‘charge and credit’ yourself? A smile does not cost anything, does it?

Create free time
Many of us complain that time stops us experiencing the various beautiful things that we are very excited to do or achieve and that this so called ‘free time’ is missing in our life. Mostly this ‘waiting time’ exceeds our expected duration and results in depression.

This happens at a very sub-conscious level of mind. Now that you are aware, try and create this free time for yourself. Who would understand your schedule better than you yourself? Make use of this fact.

Why worry about the pond-swimmers when you have a sea to finish?
It is important to check how much are we absorbing the stress around us? Especially at the workplace, we certainly come across huge competitiveness, the corporate race and various conflicts arising from that.

It is purely up to you whether you want to continue worrying about the unhealthy competitors or move on to something better and positive. Life is nothing but the game of choices. The more you choose positive, the more you win!

Sow to reap
It is the law of nature, what you sow is what you shall reap! Thus, make sure consciously you keep yourself happy and thereby, spread the same around you. Let people love your presence, your personality, your communications and admire you.

Take an initiative to spread humor, appreciate good in others and consistently empower others to be happy. At the end of the day, you will surely realise that the same returns back. If you are upset, you would be pleasantly surprised to see people present around you to cheer you up.

Perception is the key
Stop perceiving yourself as either the judge or the victim of each situation. Life isn’t any case. The day we understand this, our most of the stresses will be answered and mind will be back to peace.

Perception should be self-monitored all the time. Keep a check on your mental conditioning, thought processes, unlearn the unhelpful learning.

No excuse is a good excuse
More than anyone else, we make excuses to ourselves, pretend to be convinced and conveniently forget. This usually happens in accordance to our health, our priorities and problem areas of life.

Procrastination unfortunately is widely used and hasn’t been proven to be working at all. Thus, deal with the fears related to them, allow yourself to err and thereby, learn, grow, and solve.

Life isn’t a bed of roses?
Most of our thoughts and self-talk revolves around this statement. If life isn’t a bed of roses, get off the bed and start walking, may be the carpet underneath your feet is made of roses.

There is no life without ups or downs and if it is not the case, there is something wrong! So, don’t let negativity or lack of experience inhibit you to explore further and venture into areas of life you never entered before. Find your roses even if they are not on a bed!

Small wins make a difference
If one thing doesn’t work, the next might, so don’t give up early, keep trying. Try various action-plans; change if and when needed as per the situations in life. The only result you will have after doing so is success and happiness, even if it is not in enormous quantities. The smaller things in life are the the treasures you find on your journey.

Even when we do any investment or buy some product we make sure we use it to the fullest and benefit ourselves, so, how can we miss on doing the same with our precious life? It is really what you make of it and it is no one else’s gain or loss but yours. Review your life today, re-visit your desires and you may find many or all of the above could help you maximise it more!

Shweta strongly believes in the power of writing. Deeply passionate about mushrooming Mental Health and Wellness. Says, “Celebrate Life as if that is the only choice you have!”

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