Urwa Hocane says ‘You don’t Need a Man to Live Life’

Urwa Hocane gave her opinion on a man’s importance in a woman’s life, stating that “you don’t need a man to live your life”.

Urwa Hocane says 'You don't Need a Man to Live Life' f

"there’s no need of depending upon a man"

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane gave her opinion on a man’s importance in a woman’s life.

During an interview, she stated that a man is not needed to live a life.

Urwa asked: “What do you need a man for?

“You don’t need a man to live your life.

“I’m sure you would like to have one but it’s not necessary. In my opinion, there’s no need of depending upon a man in your life.”

The actress married Farhan Saeed in 2016 but there have been rumours that they separated.

Despite the rumours, neither has confirmed nor denied the matter.

Farhan ignored questions on the matter and said:

“Ideally, I think to comment on the things which are shared but that’s idealism.

“When you are famous and in the public eye, there is always a price to pay. Criticism and praise come hand in hand. Just answer want you to want to and ignore other things.”

Urwa Hocane spoke about her career, revealing that she started working at an early age.

She said: “I started working as a VJ at the age of 17, but actually I the first time I started earning was the age of 14 when I started giving tuition.

“I had a thought in my mind that we should never put a burden on our parents and I always wanted to be independent.”

Urwa said that PEMRA issued multiple notices to the producers of her drama Udaari for highlighting child abuse.

She admitted that domestic violence and toxic masculinity are being glorified in Pakistani dramas, something which is problematic.

She said: “We have romanticised domestic violence, domestic harassment, and martial rape we have romanticised all that and it’s wrong. Have you lost your mind?

“And if a girl is silent we consider it as a heroine?”

“I’ve come up to the point that I end up singing on the script that is less problematic.

“And I hope that I get to convince the director to make the story slightly better, there are full of angry heroes in stories until they pull your head and until they torture you, you can’t fall in love with them.

“Is it really good what we are portraying over television screens?

“Someone harassed you and later you fall in love with that man?”

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