Father murdered NRI London Son during Visit to India

An elderly man from Gujarat murdered his Non-Residential Indian son who had been on a visit to India. The victim lived in London.

Father murdered NRI London Son during Visit to India f

there were regular arguments between the father and son.

A father was arrested for stabbing his son to death at his home in Bharbandwad, which is in Surat, Gujarat.

The incident happened during the afternoon of Friday, April 24, 2020.

Police identified the perpetrator as 68-year-old Abdul Hameed while the victim was named Imran, aged 36.

It was reported that a dispute had led to the killing.

Imran had been visiting India seeing his family. He was a Non-Residential Indian (NRI), living in London where he worked at a hotel for 10 years.

Prior to the lockdown, Imran travelled to India with his pregnant wife and their son to see his family.

Whilst at his parent’s house, Imran decided to renovate the property. For this, he took Rs. 1.8 Lakh (£1,900) from his father.

Abdul had demanded his money to be returned. As a result, there were regular arguments between the father and son.

Imran and his family were supposed to return to London on April 10, however, their flight was cancelled due to lockdown.

He did not mind staying in India so he managed to book a flight for April 25.

However, the day before, Abdul and Imran argued over money after the house was renovated. Abdul demanded to be repaid but Imran did not have the money to give him.

The row became heated which led to Abdul becoming enraged. In a fit of anger, Abdul picked up a knife and attacked his son.

His mother heard what was going on and tried to help her son, however, she ended up suffering a minor injury.

Imran was rushed to Burhani Hospital in Surat but doctors declared him dead.

The mother informed the police and told them what had happened. Based on the complaint, a case was registered and Abdul was arrested.

While the elderly man remains in custody, police are continuing with their investigation.

There have been numerous cases of arguments between family members which have resulted in murder.

In one instance, a man named Sonu Kumar was arrested for murdering his father over a property dispute.

His relative Rahul Kumar was also arrested for aiding Sonu with the murder.

The attack took place during December 2018 in the Hasangarh village of Barwala town when Kumar and his father Satbir Singh, aged 60, argued about a house and who should own it.

It was heard Kumar had regularly demanded his father to transfer the ancestral home into his name but refused to do so.

On December 17, 2018, Kumar enlisted the help of his cousin Rahul and they beat Mr Singh to death. Later, they buried him in the courtyard of his house.

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