The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees

The designs of Starlet Sarees, so simple, yet classy. Keep it minimal and elegant this season with these beautiful draping styles!

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees

The U-neck blouse is also garnished with pretty needlework.

Starlet Sarees are a classic example of less is more, carrying minimal detailing. But, something that is traditional, minus the bling, with an amazing combination of two contrasting colours.

An elegant hairdo and statement jewellery pieces are just what you need to complete this graceful Saree impression!

Recognised for their finest quality and trendy looks, Starlet Sarees belong to the beautiful city of Surat in Gujarat, India. Combining culture with spectacular colours and styles.

These Surat-made drapes light up space you walk into, in hues of peach, pink, red, and magenta, all enhanced with gold shaded thread work. They all feature border embroidery along the hangover wrist pallu, instead of the pinned side.

Here are some of the trending Starlet Sarees.

Velvet Applique Starlet Sarees

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees - Image 1

Appliquéd red velvet flowers, decorated with sequins and thread embroidery, noticeably stand out on a light brown georgette background.

The decorative flowers are not appliqued on the shoulder border, but rather, on the pallu that loosely hangs over your arm, giving you a feminine and charming touch.

This simple Saree is given an edgier look with a red blouse which matches the borders.

One of the must-have Starlet Sarees for all occasions. Look stunning and steal the spotlight by draping into these ravishing shades of brown, gold and red.

Lace Border Starlet Sarees

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees - Image 2

The magenta pink georgette and gold lace border Saree features a gold silk blouse.

The pretty lace border, which runs on the edges of the pallu and around the bottom of the Saree, is designed with gold thread embroidery in leaf patterns.

A simple and easy to wear look. Love a good colour play? Well, this colour combination is perfect, brightening up your appearance.

Thick Floral Border Starlet Sarees

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees - Image 3

Loving the thick raw silk border in beige with red, peach, and green floral embroidery, creating a heavy panel look. Meanwhile, the rest of the Saree is plain but strikingly red.

Wonderfully versatile, this Saree can be worn for many occasions. From a simple gathering to a traditional wedding function.

Its attractive colour contrast adds to the look. Wrap up in red and beige for your next occasion!

Ombre Starlet Sarees

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees- Image 4

This blend of lighter and darker shades of peachy pink is an innovative take on the traditional and ethnic single hues.

Although the darker shade is visible at the bottom half of the Saree, the design does not express two distinct colours in different areas. Yet, it looks a part of one Saree. The mixed shades running through give it a very classy appearance.

This ombre georgette Saree carries subtle textures, beautified with small and intricate flower embroidery and gold borders, paired with a contrasting blouse.

The U-neck blouse is also garnished with pretty needlework.

Detailed Rose Embroidery Starlet Sarees

The Fashionable Style of Starlet Sarees - Image 5

The embroidery stitches of mini roses and motifs look three dimensional.

Although not a heavy worked border, such embroidery gives the impression of elegant floral arrangements.

The simplicity on this Saree is definitely thumbs up from us!

Meanwhile, the navy blue georgette pallu, with coral flower embroidery, pinned to a coral raw silk blouse is a phenomenal mixture!

But, before you can look runway-ready, don’t forget to add on your statement jewellery pieces, and create that funky up-do.

Yet, if you want your Starlet Sarees to be the shining star, just add on some earrings for the perfect final touch!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

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