The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

Palav Sarees offers a unique collection of drapes, giving their creations a distinct touch through the use of striking colours and minimalist designs.

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

In many tints and shades of blue and green, this Palav saree creates a vision of the ocean

Palav sarees, designed with simplicity, eye-catching colours, and striking borders, proves that less is more.

The founder of Palav sarees, Mr Kalpesh Modh, studied technology for manufacturing and designing sarees in India. His unique concepts and exceptional creativity have consistently won the hearts of customers.

Perfect for any occasion, their artistic drapes are timeless. At the same time, upholding Indian culture and traditions, they are suitable for women of all sizes and ages.

So, add the Palav saree touch to your wardrobe and see our favourite styles below. We are sure that you will find one that matches your taste!

Three Colour Combination Style

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

With vividly striking colours, each expressing out loud and clear, this saree is sure to get you noticed!

Designed with a plain pink pallu, adorned with a simple gold and blue border, this masterpiece allows you to accessorise with a statement necklace.

Further, its plain green blouse and bottom length in blue, with circular mirror effect embroidery, gives the saree a traditional appeal.

With a distinct take on colours, Palav sarees has created a modern yet classic look. In which, they have allowed the wearer to bring out their true self. By giving them plain space to personally adorn their gear and experiment with jewellery pieces.

Triple Border Saree Style

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

In many tints and shades of blue and green, this Palav saree creates a vision of the ocean.

Notably, it consists of three borders, around the pallu, bottom length, and blouse sleeves.

Each of different size and print, the triple border design is woven in the blue and green shades, separated through the piping technique.

The Palav saree border speaks volumes. Pinning it securely to the shoulder will go a long way in bringing out the perfect finished look.

So, stay in style with decorative borders and accessorise this garment accordingly. Coordinate your jewellery, so that the borders are highlighted elegantly.

Floral Border Saree Style

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

The plain blue drape, with neatly framed floral patterns across the pallu border, is another piece of art by Palav sarees.

With a light contrasting colour blouse and bottom length, the blue stands out effortlessly.

Nothing works better than a light and dark contrast, and that too, with florals.

It’s chic and sophisticated!

Contrasting Border Colour

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

With a woven border in a contrasting colour, these identical pink and green sarees are simple yet chic.

Illustratively, their border style outlines and assists in providing an overall eye-catching visual of the attire.

Its cutwork effect design has floral embroidered creations.

A feminine touch with delicacy!

Similar in every detail, these beauties can compliment the matching bridesmaids!

Silk Pallu Style

The Distinct Style of Palav Sarees

Significantly, Palav sarees have maintained a balance between simplicity and glamour with this silk drape.

And indeed, sarees in textured silk give a royal feel. While their delicacy adds grace to the beauty of a woman.

Expressive yet minimalist, this style is designed with a contrasting border. It’s subtle gold has floral and leaf motifs across its frame.

Further, the bottom part of the saree is in a slightly lighter shade, slowly blending into the green. This gives the saree a unique appearance.

Whilst its timeless ‘U’ neck blouse further adds to its simplicity.

Moreover, the sophisticated colour gives the saree an ageless charm. Moving with the fashion, its texture and design will match any mood and occasion.

All in all, Palav sarees have adjusted the necessary South Asian piece of apparel into a versatile attractiveness. As such, women of all ages will look rather beautiful in any of their designs, for any occasion. As they perfectly describe:

“Palav Fabrics are core manufacturers of casual or daily wear sarees, party wear sarees and also semi-party wear sarees which are completely different from each other in design, styling and material.”

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Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Palav Fabrics