Fashion Trends for 2011

Fashion trends of 2011 will hit the high street with styles returning from the 1970s and 1960s for women, elements of Punk and modern Biker fashion, and men’s suit with more masculinity.

2011 will see elements of the 1970s fashion returning

Every year the fashion trend for styles of clothing and accessories begin to shape up from January. And for 2011 it is no different. Many of us in the UK have experienced a very cold and chilly snap of snow and cold weather.

So, with Spring round the corner, it will be nice to know what is going to be ‘in’ to wear after we put our big coats, stripy scarves, woolly gloves and fleece hats away.

There is that saying in fashion, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” And new fashions always do have some connection with the old. Whether it is inspired by previous generations or a completely new design that uses actual elements from older fashion. Fashion wise 2011 will be no different having trends that include styles from yesteryear.

From Spring we will see looks from the 1970’s, Punk, 1960’s dresses and biker apparel. Here are some of the trends hitting the news in the world of fashion for you to choose from for 2011.

Return of the 1970’s
2011 will see elements of the 1970s fashion returning. There are two main outlooks for this trend which are 1970’s bohemian and 1970s sophisticated glamour. The sophisticated look includes styles for the day and night.

By day it’s about hot pants, printed jumpsuits, belts and high waisted wide-leg trousers or flares, silk and satin smart bow-blouses, especially those with billowing or bishop sleeves and roll neck sweaters tucked into trousers or skirts.

By night the 1970’s fashion is long, suave gowns with draping, low necklines or dress slits; high sheen fabrics with a 1970s disco-inspired look, lurex or silk materials with a metallic thread and ruffled neckline paired with a fine pair of trousers and worn under a brocade blazer or tuxedo jacket.

Accessories to go with the 1970’s styles are handbags which are smart, high quality bags like a leather satchel for day, and a small bag with a long strap for night; thigh high boots worn with a skirt or hot pants; large leather belts slung over mini skirts or maxi dresses; beaded necklaces, piles of bangles, lots of bold stone rings and long pendant necklaces, and hairstyles which have loads of bouncy curls, in a sleek bob or left as long flowing hair.

1960’s Skirts and Dresses
The 1960’s style of lady-like dresses and skirts will see a return in 2011. Femininity will be defined with hip hugging sheath dresses with hems just below-the-knee and below-the-knee circle skirts. Curves will be pronounced with fuller dresses cinched in the waist.

The style of 1960s ‘Granny Skirts’ will be noticed with longer, usually gathered or pleated and often ruffled hem skirts.

Skirts will be straight, high waisted, below-the-knee with a kick pleat or slit at the back. Fitted sheath dresses will be sleeveless or with classic three-quarter sleeves.

1960’s short dresses will also make the trend. Christian Dior’s creations in their French Riviera collection oozes the sex appeal of Bridget Bardot. The Beatles era with pattern shifting short dresses will also be seen in shops.

Punk Styles
The advent of Punk fashion will be more prominent in 2011. It will be more about mixing Punk elements with other seasonal trends.

Studs on clothes are part of the look but only if done with a balanced taste. Too many will take away the trendy look. Combat boots such as Doc Martens, or biker boots will be seen as additions to ‘punk up’ any outfit. Safety pins which are iconic to Punk will be worn with other jewellery such as brooches and used to pin together parts of clothing but in a more visible manner.

Biker Clothing
Seeing any motorcycle rider you will notice them wearing leather and thick padded clothing. So, how will this be a fashion trend? Well, designers such as Burberry and Balmain (Paris) definitely see the trend of Biker clothing being transformed into a fashion by introducing sleek jackets, skirts and trousers into the arena for 2011.

With a twist of military looks gelled with biker styles, the trend will include motorcycle jackets that are not just available in a simple black colour but other colours to suit your taste.
Including silver, beige, and two-tone leather. Cuts will be available as above the waist or trench coat looks. The sleeves will also have zips and straps. The jackets will be quilted with designer finishing.

Biker trousers will be available made out of leather or other skin tight materials like neoprene. The designs will include panels, quilting and padding, and zips.

Mini skirts for women are not typical motor biker wear but Burberry have produced a neo-mod leather skirt with quilting, which acts as the perfect alternative to trousers, to wear with the motorcycle jacket.

To add the final touch to the Biker look, Motorcycle boots will be seen in many designs.

Women’s Trends
Specifically for women, 2011 will see the emergence of the old, new and fusion of both.

Maxi dresses fused with sheer materials giving a ‘see through’ look.
1960s sexy short dresses from the Beatles era.
1970s fashion of bell bottoms, flared trousers, wide leg trousers and capri trousers will make a key statement.
Stripes with a nautical dominance will be popular.
Tassels will be one of the most popular trimmings available that signifies luxury or the exotic
Lace will be available in quality antique-style fabrics with reference to its classic look.
Crochet and macrame are two fabrics that will be seen in the high street.
Jumpsuits and playsuits will make an appearance.
Crop tops will be seen a lot more in Summer 2011.
Trench coats will be a significant look for 2011.

Belt purses will be worn more prominently
Cat-eye sunglasses which will provide a vintage-inspired look from the 1950s and 1960s.
Over-sized sunglasses will continue to be a trend.
Floral headbands and combs will be used to define inner femininity and sense of style.

Kitten heels will make a return due to the return of 1960’s clothing styles in 2011.
Clogs especially with brass studding will be seen a lot more.

Men’s Trends

Trends for men’s fashion in 2011 will have suits that are cut sleek in single breasted form with a 1960’s feel, a confidence cut for the more modern look, three-piece suits will return with matching fabric and colours and the sack suit cut will remain; flared jeans which will reflect the return of the 1970’s waning the skinny jeans, and motorcycle fashion for men especially in jackets and trousers to celebrate the biker clothing trend.

Colours for 2011 fashion will include honeysuckle (a shade of pink) which is the colour of the year, bold shades of orange, regatta blue, lavender, russet (shade of brown), peapod (shade of green), beeswax and silver cloud (shade of grey).

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