Ex-Judge Javed Ali defends ‘Indian Idol 12’ amid Criticism

‘Indian Idol 12’ has come under fire for allegedly telling the judges to compliment contestants. Now, Javed Ali has had his say.

Former Judge Javed Ali defends 'Indian Idol 12' amid Criticism f

"judges don’t want to hurt the contestants"

Singer and former Indian Idol 10 judge Javed Ali has spoken out about the recent controversy surrounding the show.

Many members of the Indian music industry have discussed whether the makers of Indian Idol are asking judges to compliment contestants.

Recently, Amit Kumar appeared as a guest on an episode of Indian Idol 12 that commemorated his late father, Kishore Kumar.

Following his stint on the show, Amit Kumar said that the show’s makers asked him to praise the contestants even if he thought otherwise.

He also said that some of the contestants performed so badly he wanted to tell them to stop.

Speaking to ETimes, Amit Kumar had said:

“I was told to praise everyone. I was told to uplift everyone because it’s a tribute to Kishore.

“I thought it will be a homage to my father. But once there, I just followed what I was asked to do.

“I had told them to give me portions of the script in advance, but nothing of that sort happened. I didn’t enjoy the episode at all.”

After Kumar’s comments, other former judges such as Sunidhi Chauhan revealed that Indian Idol also asked her to compliment the contestants.

However, Javed Ali has a different opinion.

Speaking with ETimes, Ali said that he has never been asked to praise contestants, and was encouraged to express his honest opinion.

He also said that it is not uncommon for contestants to use sob stories as a way to attract votes.

Javed Ali said: “Let me tell you that people want entertainment and masala; they are intrigued to know about their lifestyle.

“Like recently, I myself participated in a show and spoke about the hurdles in my early days.

“But thinking of it on the other side, I want to tell you that a contestant I was judging not long ago went on to, unfortunately, win a music reality show simply because he could appeal with his talking.

“Still, I would say at the end of the day, it’s an individual’s personal opinion whom to vote for.”

“I don’t think anybody is compelled to vote for any particular contestant.”

Javed Ali went on to say that he believes reality show judges do not want to hurt the feelings of the contestants.

Therefore, although they give their honest opinions, they are not harsh with them.

Ali added: “I think judges don’t want to hurt the contestants by large.

“If I am in the judge’s chair, I don’t think I should be blunt.”

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Image courtesy of Javed Ali Instagram

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