Elephant Atta Chakki Gold endorsed by HEART UK

Elephant Atta, the leading atta brand in the UK has been endorsed by HEART UK for its healthy atta product, Elephant Atta Chakki Gold.

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold endorsed by HEART UK

"HEART UK has endorsed Elephant Atta Chakki Gold for being low in saturated fat"

A campaign initiated by Elephant Atta and in cooperation with HEART UK – the Cholesterol Charity has set a goal to increase awareness about the importance of a healthy balanced diet and the effects of cholesterol, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease early on.

Whenever health and heart are discussed, the word ‘cholesterol’ comes up big and bold.

A research by the British Heart Foundation has shown that South Asians are worryingly susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol – almost 50% more than Europeans. Risk factors include an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and a genetic predisposition to insulin resistance.

However, many traditional South Asian foods are actually healthy. Dhal, pulses, meat and vegetable curries served with rice or chapatti, low-fat yoghurt, and salad are high in fibre and can be low in fat, depending on the ingredients used and the way in which they are prepared.

Small changes can make all the difference.

Take chapattis, for instance, the centrepiece of many South Asian dishes. Choosing the right atta for your rotis can make all the difference.

With countless varieties of atta available on shelves, we have the leverage to make smart choices based on not only the taste but also the healthy benefits. Unlike refined flours, a quality 100% whole-wheat atta contains the entire grain and all the goodness that it brings.

Elephant Atta, the leading atta flour brand in the UK, introduced its new Elephant Atta Chakki Gold last year – a refined atta milled in traditional Stone Chakki mills and finely stone-ground from 100% whole wheat, which brings great health benefits by containing essential fibre and being low in salt and sugar.

The product has now received the stamp of approval from HEART UK – the leading UK charity dedicated to supporting people and families who are concerned about rising cholesterol levels and providing them with guidance and education.

HEART UK has endorsed Elephant Atta Chakki Gold for being low in saturated fat, helping to maintain lower cholesterol levels, and supporting healthier digestion.

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold endorsed by HEART UK

To make chapattis healthier, besides switching to whole wheat, consumers should also aim to avoid adding ghee or butter to chapatti dough or liberally spreading fat on cooked rotis. Experts suggest replacing these oils in cooking with other much healthier varieties, such as rapeseed or olive oil.

HEART UK also recommends including at least one weekly meal of oil-rich fish for an increased omega 3, and at least one portion of dhal, beans, or soya daily to increase essential fibres.
Try to opt in for brown rice, oat-based foods, and replace sugary cereals with the wholegrain varieties. Eat fewer fried foods such as samosas, pakoras, chevda and sugar-based foods.

Also, be more active! For good health and to help boost the good cholesterol in your body aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly. Be it walking, going to the gym, or playing a sport you love, try and do something physically challenging.

Anne Adshead Senior Brand Manager at Elephant Atta said:

“Together with HEART UK we are determined to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Elephant Atta, being the most popular flour brand in the ethnic market in the UK is set not only to contribute financially to HEART UK’s valuable work, but also launch a series of initiatives helping consumers in caring for their hearts, taking intelligent decisions about their health, nutrition and wellbeing.”

Linda Main, Dietetic Adviser from HEART UK, said:

“We encourage all families to get into good habits, such as being more physically active, eating healthy, and not smoking. This is even more important for South Asian families. A heart healthy diet is low in saturated fat, full of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dhal (pulses), lean meat, white and oily fish and low-fat dairy foods, many of which are already eaten by health-conscious Asian families.

“We are delighted to be working with Elephant Atta and have approved Chakki Gold for being a significant source of wholegrains and dietary fibre, something that many of us eat just too little of; and its low in saturated fat too.”

A healthy diet goes a long way to ensuring a healthy heart, so as part of the current collaboration with the HEART UK, Elephant Atta will be launching health tips, healthy recipes, product information, competitions and promotions on their dedicated website: www.chakkiforheart.co.uk, which will help consumers and their families learn how they can eat better and work towards dramatically cuting down cholesterol in their diet.

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Sponsored by Elephant Atta and HEART UK