Driver with no Insurance ran over Community Support Officer

A man from Rochdale ran over a community support officer who was questioning him about having no insurance.

Driver with no Insurance ran over Community Support Officer f

"He then began squaring up to PCSO Doran"

Shahid Khan, aged 27, of Rochdale, was jailed for six years after mowing down a community support officer who was asking him about having no insurance.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard the incident took place on June 14, 2020.

At the time, Khan was being investigated over a fraud case which used stolen bank card details to target small businesses.

PCSO Danielle Doran had seen a black Fiat 500 driving at speed on the wrong side of the road.

After seeing the car turn at speed onto the garage forecourt, she walked towards the petrol station.

Geoff Whelan, prosecuting, said: “She conducted a number of checks on the vehicle as she believed it may have been a stolen car and those checks confirmed the car did not have insurance, nor did it have a registered keeper.

“She then looked in the window for the chassis number, but it was not there.

“No one was in the car at this time so putting on a pair of gloves, she went on to check the vehicle was secure at the driver’s door and she found there was no door handle.

“She then made her way to the front passenger door and found the vehicle to be insecure.”

The forecourt manager told PCSO Doran that the driver was inside a Subway. When he emerged, she started to question him.

Mr Whelan said: “She asked him why he driving down the wrong side of the road but he replied, ‘I don’t have to f*****g tell you anything, you are just a f*****g PCSO’.

“He then began squaring up to PCSO Doran puffing out his chest and raising his voice.

“She felt very intimidated by him and stepped back and at that point, she asked for further patrols to assist.

“The defendant walked to the Fiat and PCSO Doran asked him for identification or proof that the vehicle was his.

“He smiled and stated he would get some for her whilst the officer stood on the passenger side of the car with the door open.”

Khan got into the car and revved the engine. He laughed while staring at the community support officer.

PCSO Doran began to step back and pressed the emergency button on her radio, however, it failed to activate, unbeknown to her.

Despite PCSO Doran yelling stop, Khan continued to accelerate.

With the passenger door still open, Khan hit PCSO Doran on the shoulder, almost dragging her underneath the vehicle.

After turning the car around at a set of traffic lights, Khan said:

“I’ll get you next time, next time I’ll f*****g kill you”.

Khan gave no comment in a police interview but later pleaded guilty to assault, dangerous driving, conspiracy to defraud and possession of cocaine.

He had previous convictions for assault with intent to rob and fraud.

PCSO Doran said: “I felt distraught and upset after what happened. I’ve been a police community support officer for ten years and I feel this has been the worst situation I have been in.

“I felt vulnerable and helpless. I had pain to my left elbow which happened when made contact with the door and my left hand became swollen.

“I attended hospital due to pain in my left shoulder and I told the muscle was jarred, and would settle for a few weeks.

“I was anxious as a result and had to take time off work. I was also worried about seeing this man again.”

In mitigation, Mark Shanks said: “He is extremely remorseful, which is showed through his apology to the police officer. Thankfully there was no serious injury, it could have been a lot worse.”

Mr Recorder Paul Taylor told Khan: “Your response to PCSO Doran was indicative of your attitude towards her.

“You squared up to her and pushed out your chest and you raised your voice to her.

“You were bullying her and you seemed to get a kick out of causing distress to her because she heard you laughing at her.

“She was terrified and it has affected the way she behaves. You have altered the way she has been living for some significant time.”

Khan was jailed for six years. He was also banned from driving for five years, which will take effect upon his release.

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