Sri Lanka Minister tests Positive after endorsing ‘Covid Syrup’

Sri Lanka’s Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi has tested positive for Covid-19 after endorsing a syrup claimed to prevent the virus.

Sri Lanka Minister tests Positive after endorsing ‘Covid Syrup’ f

“All her immediate contacts have been quarantined.”

Sri Lanka’s Health Minister has tested positive for Covid-19 and is self-isolating, according to officials.

Pavithra Wanniarachchi became positive for the virus on Friday, January 22, 2021, despite publicly endorsing potions and sorcery as a way of preventing the disease.

Wanniarachchi has been publicly consuming a syrup given to her by a shaman, who claims it to be a life-long immunisation against Covid-19. The concoction is now known to contain honey and nutmeg.

Doctors around Sri Lanka have been denying the syrups efficacy, despite thousands making the journey to obtain it.

Wanniarachchi is the fourth minister to test positive for Coronavirus. She and her immediate contacts have gone into isolation.

It has also been confirmed that Wanniarachichi is the highest-ranking official to test positive.

A Health Ministry official said: “Her antigen test returned positive on Friday and she has been asked to isolate herself.

“All her immediate contacts have been quarantined.”

A junior minister tested positive for the virus despite also taking the potion made popular by Wanniarachchi.

On the day of Pavithra’s positive test, Sri Lanka approved the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

The approval comes amid warnings from the country’s doctors that frontline health workers must have the vaccine to save the medical system from collapse.

The vaccine was the first that Sri Lanka has approved for emergency use.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced that Sri Lanka will receive the first stock of the vaccine from India on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

Rajapaksa went on to say that the first stock will be free of charge.

The President’s government is arranging to purchase more from India, China and Russia.

The vaccination process will begin by mid-February, according to the Health Ministry.

Sri Lanka has only recently made the decision to reopen its borders to international travellers, who must observe strict safety protocols while visiting.

The island nation is not alone in having people in positions of power endorse treatments that have not been officially proven to prevent Coronavirus.

Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina faced criticism in 2020 for promoting a mixture he believed could prevent the virus.

A number of world leaders and cabinet members have been known to suffer from Covid-19.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, former President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have all tested positive for Coronavirus.

Sri Lanka has reported over 58,000 Coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with more than 280 fatalities.

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