Desi Rascals Cast celebrate big birthday bash

Episode 4 of Desi Rascals witnessed a big birthday bash and a special guest appearance by the star of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan.

Desi Rascals Cast Birthday Party

“If I get turned down I’m gonna be like ‘I just got Owais-ed’.”

News that Amitabh Bachchan was going to make a special guest appearance (which you can read about here) had fans of Desi Rascals eagerly anticipating the fourth episode.

It was party time for the Desi Rascals cast as newcomer Kavita wanted to celebrate her birthday in style. Cue man of the moment Owais, who organised a grand party that united the youngsters.

The Shahdashians finally had their double date the Ravalias, but does Jo still harbour feelings for ‘Beardy MoMo’?

Shooting it with the Shahdashians

Nat Jo Shah Raj Rishi RavaliaThe Shahdashians are preparing for their big date with the Ravalia twins, Raj and Rish.

But Jo makes it clear that she only has eyes for Mo, and is only going to be Nat’s wing woman.

Manoj ‘Prospects’ Shah is chuffed to bits that they are dating a pair of Gujarati boys.

When asked if he has any Gujarati chat up lines, Manoj eventually unearths a real gem: “Mane lagan karva che? (Would you like to marry me?)”

The fun and games at the Ravalia-Shahdashian cooking double date is abruptly interrupted when Jo drops that she is interested in Moses.

This leaves Nat having to make a choice between the two brothers. And she chooses Raj. Recognising the awkwardness, she says: “On my God! I’ve definitely never said that before.”

You’re probably thinking, how could she even tell the difference between the two, when the Ravalia twins look like exact 100% like-for-like clones of each other.

Well for future reference, Rishi is the one with the mole (‘beauty spot’) on his face.

Owais is the Talk of the Town

Owais Khan Desi RascalsAs well as being the chief organiser of the birthday party, Owais is the name on everybody’s lips.

Bantering with Shmoyel before at the tailor’s, Moses says about Owais: “He’s got to have a tally chart of a rejection list.”

Mo adds: “If I get turned down I’m gonna be like ‘I just got Owais-ed’.”

When Yasmin rolls her eyes in disgust at the thought of Owais, and describes how she refused to give him her number, Kavita responds: “You obviously stamped on his manhood.”

Even with Rita having rejected Owais and making her relationship with Adam exclusive, she still has no qualms with saying: “He had a tank top on and his nipples kept popping up. Keep your eyes on his face!”

Rita continues: “A little bit of competition between the boys doesn’t hurt. Keeps everyone on their toes.”

It makes you wonder. Does Owais still have a chance with Rita?

The Shahs and Varas Double Date

Celia Manoj Shah Desi RascalsThe Varas have invited the Shahs around for dinner, as they indulge in Anita’s famous biryani.

Manoj, Anita and Jay are all Gujaratis who hail from Kampala, Uganda, and both couples share a common history of cultural rule-breaking.

Manoj and Celia are an inter-racial couple, which at first caused tensions with Manoj’s family. Anita and Jay married against Jay’s parents’ wishes because they were from different castes.

As Celia recounts: “Nobody could stop us because we wanted to be together.”

Celia has a real passion for badminton, (that’s how she and Manoj met) and invites Anita and Jay to play a game of doubles.

This is despite the concerns of Sunjay: “Make sure you tell Mum to call A&E!”

Three’s a crowd

Shreena Praks Sunjay Vara Desi RascalsAs Shreena and Praks enjoy some alone time as newly-weds, Shreena asks: “I wonder how long the honeymoon period lasts for?”

Praks responds: “What do you mean? It lasts forever!”

He then qualifies that response with: “I’ve been mis-sold this policy.”

Sunjay spoils the fun as he seems completely oblivious to their desire to share a romantic film-night together.

Sunjay suggests to Praks: “We can go in my room and do what we wanna do. Shreena can watch her girly programs here.”

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Amitabh Aatha Hai…

Amitabh Bachchan Desi RascalsAkshay makes a promise to Arshina, and her mother, Jyoti, that they will get the chance to meet Amitabh Bachchan at a London press conference for Shamitabh.

However, the roads are chocker block and their taxi is caught up in the traffic. They are too late and decide to go straight to dinner. This leaves Jyoti particularly irate.

While they lament the fact they did not get to meet Amitabh, they are shocked to find the Bollywood legend himself sitting on the table next to them!

In absolute awe, Jyoti says: “You are Bollywood, basically.”

She then asks him to recite the monologue from Kabhi Kabhi.

Exuding the seductive charm of Javier Bardem, Sr. Bachchan obliges:

“I’ll just hold your hand, if I may. You’ll have to look into my eyes…Kabhi kabhi, mere dil mein khyaal aatha hai…

Afterwards Arshina asks: “Can I just get one selfie with you?”

Mo and Jo rediscover their MoJo at the Party

Mo Baig Jo Shah Desi RascalsDespite being coy thus far, both Mo and Jo have been looking forward to this moment for a long time.

And even with Mo reeling off immature gaff after gaff, Jo is completely taken by him. She asks: “You wanna take me out?”

Mo: “Anytime Mo [brief pause] Jo is available.”

With love and party fever in the air, we can’t wait for a fab fifth episode. Could Bollywood veteran Amitabh make another appearance?

You can catch the fifth episode of Desi Rascals Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at 8pm on Sky Living.

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