Deepika Padukone reacts to Backlash on ‘Highly Priced’ Skincare Brand

In a new interview, Deepika Padukone openly discussed the ongoing criticism her skincare brand, 82°E, has been facing regarding its pricing.

Deepika Padukone reacts to Backlash on 'Highly Priced' Skincare Brand - F

"Rest assured, I am also using it every day."

Deepika Padukone launched her skincare brand 82°E in 2022 and in the past year, the actor has introduced many new products to her brand.

When she launched the brand, there was some backlash about the price of products and as she grows her company, Deepika addressed this backlash in a new interview.

Deepika Padukone assured her brand’s consumers that she actively uses the products that she is selling.

“If I am selling you a Rs 2,500 product, then rest assured I am also using it every day,” she told CNBC-TV 18.

Her company sells a 15 ml under-eye cream for Rs. 2,400, which is also the most expensive product on her website (price to quantity ratio).

Speaking about the backlash that the brand received for selling expensive products and how it survived, Deepika said:

“The way we have been able to do that is to be consistent and true to who we are.

Deepika Padukone reacts to Backlash on 'Highly Priced' Skincare Brand - 1“That’s how we have been able to grow a successful brand in the past one year and we will continue to do that.”

Deepika Padukone said that getting trolled comes as a part of being a celebrity and added:

“And as far celebrity brands or celebrities in general getting backlash or getting trolled, it’s a part of what we do and I think as long as you put your head down and you keep going, as long as you true and honest to what you do, I think you will always move ahead of the tide.”

Deepika’s brand has introduced many new products in the last few months.

The Om Shanti Om actor added that she is the first one to try everything that gets made, even before it goes into clinical trials.

“I am the guinea pig,” she said and added, “I am absolutely the first one in the system to try out anything even before it goes into clinical trials or dermatological trials.

“I try them first. I try them for at least a week or not more, sometimes it goes on for a couple of months depending on what my feedback is and then when I give a green signal is when it goes into clinical trials.”

On the film front, Deepika Padukone has had a great year with the superhit films Pathaan and Jawan, where she had an extended cameo.

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