Cable Knits for Men in Winter

The winter season has proclaimed Cable Knits as the jumpers to be showcased as the men’s wardrobe item for the coldest days of the year.

"Cable-knit sweater is a central part of men’s fashion"

Yes, the Winter has arrived meaning that the men will become real men by digging deep into their wardrobes for those ‘go to’ jumpers and coats. It looks like ‘cable knits’ are the go-to item this time.

It is these ‘go to’ jumpers which year-in, year-out make a statement, and this year [2012-2013] it’s no different.

According to the world famous Macy’s the “cable-knit sweater is a central part of men’s fashion.” Whether it is to combat the cold or go for a smart look with layers, it is integral in the makeup of a manly closet. Just for the laymen – a cable knit is a piece of garment which is knitted with cable stitching to create a twisted rope effect.

This time round the collection is better than ever, meaning every man should be ready to spend a chunk of their next payslip on diversifying their style arsenal through cable knitwear.

Cable Knits for Men in WinterJim Moore, creative director at GQ brilliants sums up this garment says:

“The cable knit every guy needs isn’t a prepped out pastel, but one of these chunky, dare I say manly sweaters that take the textbook weave into more rugged territory. Think less of hanging on the quad and more about fishing off the coast of Ireland, and you get the idea. The thick knits look smart on their own, or layered under a great topcoat. Winter weekend wear at its best.”

To separate yourself, you will need to really consider all aspects of this piece. For this time of the year, the spotlight has been directed towards colour. Colour in your cable will provide personality and character to your looks. However for the classic male, it is more about the detailing and texture.

The versatility also allows browns, beige’s and greys to all look brilliant alongside the blues, greens and purples. They all send off their own signals and this is what the cable knits should do for a man. Not send out manic signals, but provide you with an individual personality.

One key thing to remember when approaching the cable knit is to not get too fussy. For such a heavy piece, use accessories, good pants/jeans and personal touches to add an individual edge. It is a classic item of clothing and therefore it should not be mismatched with another outfit. They are classic so be subtle with your touches. Accessories like rings and thin pendants are good choices to consider.

Linden Kitson, MD, of Lucas Frank Clothing, pretty much sums up this piece of clothing for us perfectly. He said:

“If you do not have at least one winter coat, and one thick jumper, you better shut that door as firm as possible. The trench and cable-knit go hand in hand and, just like a watch or some good shoes, it is a transitional piece from boyhood into manhood.”

How to wear Cable Knits

Cable Knits for Men in WinterColourColour is the criterion this Winter season, but neutrals look just as good in this style. For example, pair up a beige cable knit with bold blue jeans or chinos and let the bottom half inject the flair. Or go for a multi-coloured knit and pair it with dark jeans.

Look for colours complimenting each other and don’t match dark colours such as black and navy. Contrasting colours work well.

For most other colours choose lighter shades when selecting the bottom half. So a red cable knit for example would marry perfectly with light grey chinos/jeans. Black, tan orange and blue are also brilliant options.

Cable Knits for Men in WinterLayering and What to Wear withIt is that essential touch which dictates what occasion you are dressed for. When you opt for a checkered shirt underneath your cable knit, it is no doubt clashing, but it looks great. It was put together to clash. The shirt shouts ‘formal’ and the cable completely relaxes it. For a cool ‘off-duty’ look, match with chinos or suit trousers.

You can literally throw on a pair of trousers, chinos or jeans and it will go nicely with the cable knit.

On another layer you can choose the ‘tough-man’ look and go for the leather jacket on top. This is a popular choice and goes well for certain males. The other ultimatum is the trench coat, another classic. Left undone and belted no doubt – a touch of refinement.

Cable Knits for Men in WinterSizeThis is one of those rare moments as you do not have to worry about it being slim and fit. It can look good over-sized, a bit like a slouch. Again, accessories would complete the look.

Breaking the rules with full intent sometimes makes more of a statement. However, if you’re going to pick the over-sized look, the rest of you has to be sharp. Nice fitted jeans with sharp shoes will complete a cool look.

Skinny build –  The cable knits should excite you because you can keep the fit as ‘slim’ and let the cable do the talking. The ropey texture will make your frame bulk out naturally. Roll necks are also an option, however, these have a quick expiry date on them.

Wide and Heavy buildAdding too much thickness can definitely mess up your frame. It can completely bin your silhouette and therefore we recommend opting for the crew neck styles with a slim fit. Farah Vintage and Topman should top your list.

Whether you are going for the classic look, a more refined touch or just being a student, cable knits are a piece of winter clothing is a complete must. With fashion giants like Macy’s and GQ vouching for this style, you should be left with no doubt towards how your winter closet should be looking.

An English and creative writing graduate aspiring to have the style of Johnny Depp and the writing abilities of J K Jerome. Rafi is an enthusiast of fashion, food, culture and anything else which crosses his path! His motto: "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."