7 Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Attention all Asian men! The DESIblitz Fashion Police is naming seven wardrobe necessities that will ensure all eyes are on you.

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

"Throw a blazer over a t-shirt with jeans for an instant boost of sophistication."

In recent years, fashion wardrobe necessities aren’t just something associated with women.

Increasingly, men are getting much more fashionable and are seeing it as a vital part of their appearance.

But, to newcomers of the fashion craze, and those of you wanting to get more likes on Instagram or maybe catching a certain someone’s attention.

DESIblitz presents some winter essential basics you should always have in your closet.

A Blazer

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As an Asian man, you know all too well that special occasions pop up all the time (even when you don’t exactly know how you’re related to the person). Thus, having a blazer, or the whole suit, will always be a good investment.

Also, it is always helpful to have one for a night out to look smart or even for a casual date where you still want to make an impression.

Throw a blazer over a t-shirt with jeans for an instant boost of sophistication.

Bollywood’s heartthrob, Ranbir Kapoor, includes in his style statement, slim fitted and breathtaking blazers.

Want to have the classic Ranbir look?Why not include striking blazers within your fashion wardrobe necessities.

A Pair of Smart Shoes

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Again, weddings and events also require fancy footwear. Whether they are suede or leather, black or brown, a pair of smart shoes will have your feet looking chic.

But, if you prefer a smarter-looking swag, then definitely think about getting some brogues or derby shoes.

Simply see how Bollywood’s stylish actors, Abhay Deol and Imran Khan, rock their smart brown leather shoes. That too, with fashionably elegant blazers.

A Polo Shirt

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Polo shirts are great as they can either be dressed up to make you look dapper, worn with jeans or even joggers, when out-and-about or running errands.

They are particularly good for students to look smart-casual, who want to impress their classmates.

Of course, one of the classic Polos has to be from Ralph Lauren. Or, the popular Lacoste Polo shirts in black.

All in all, due to their simplicity, Polo shirts are to be considered one of the cool wardrobe necessities.

A Simple Pair of Black Jeans

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Black jeans are always a winner! The cut and style depend on you as a man. Do you prefer a straight leg? Slim fit or spray on skinny? With jeans, the possibilities are endless.

Tip: Don’t wear your everyday faded jeans on posh occasions! It may not make the best impression.

Don’t you think Pakistani Actor, Fawad Khan, looks rather sophisticated in plain black jeans?

A Watch

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Okay, a watch may not exactly be kept in your wardrobe. Regardless, a watch is a small piece that will have a big effect! A perfect accessory to wear every day.

Or, if you have a more expensive, or eccentric one, pull it out for special occasions.

Either way, a watch is a great way to enhance your swagger!

A Knitted Jumper

7 Fashion Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Perfect for winter, a knitted jumper will keep you warm throughout.

They can also be worn as an accompaniment to any type of bottoms, already in your wardrobe. You simply cannot go wrong.

Tip: Wear layered on top of a shirt to look a little smarter.

See how dashing Zayn Malik looks in his knitted brown jumper, with a shirt underneath.

Check out men’s high street knitted jumpers at River Island, and make them one of your winter wardrobe necessities.

A Bomber Jacket

7 Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Men

Bomber jackets are very ‘in’ at the moment, and by the looks of it, they are definitely here to stay.

Not only will they keep you toasty but they will keep you looking hot too!

High street store, TopMan, features men’s bomber jackets in a variety of shades, including the popular camel colour.

DESIBlitz recommends sticking to a neutral colour, like black or khaki, so you can wear one at any time.

Seven simple wardrobe necessities and you’re the hottest guy, despite the cold this Winter!

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