7 Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Women

The DESIblitz Fashion Police is here to restore your winter wardrobe necessities. Keep reading to be the best-dressed woman with 7 essential winter pieces.


"Trench coats have become increasingly popular."

Winter fashion wardrobe necessities have rapidly become a way of self-expression, cultural representation. And, simply, a way of life!

With a rise in the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, we are given a quick and direct access to lookbooks. Including, clothing stores and trends, from celebrities and designers themselves.

But, to new-be fashionistas, and those of you wanting to set trends.

Or, to maybe catch a certain someone’s eye, DESIblitz presents some essential pieces you should always have in your closet.

A Pair of Boots

7 Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Women

Boots are an absolute essential in the colder months.

The latest trend is thigh high or over-the-knee boots. Wear a pair with a dress and some tights for a casual and a flirty look. Or, throw some over a pair of ripped skinny jeans for a quirky, yet, sassy swag.

Tip: DESIblitz recommends to choose the fabric of your boots carefully. Suede may not always be a good idea for the cold, wet and snowy conditions. Leather may be a more practical winter choice.

To maximise versatility, stock up your winter wardrobe necessities, with the latest pair of boots.

What more illustration do we need, when the diva, Aishwarya Rai, pairs a breathtaking midi dress with leather strap boots.

A Trench Coat

7 Winter Wardrobe Necessities for Asian Women

Trench coats have become increasingly popular. A fabulous winter investment.

With neutral shades, such as grey, khaki, and nude, there is no outfit they won’t match. The long length will keep you warm, as well as on trend.

A good trench is perfect for anyone, there are no limitations.

Dress one up for a Christmas night out, with a black midi dress and heels. Alternatively, for a casual day out, dress it down with jeans and a shirt.

So, when it’s pouring, stay looking chic in an elegant trench coat from John Lewis. Make a sleek a stylish statement in their camel coloured, long-length trench.

A Plaid Shirt


Nothing says, ‘Winter is here’, like a good old plaid shirt.

In every colour under the sun, they are a perfect and easy purchase. Accessible at most retailers.

Wear a plaid shirt buttoned up. Or, alternatively, it can be worn open as a cardigan, with a chunky scarf wrapped around the neck.

Why not tie it around your waist for a more edgy look?

Plaid shirts won’t fail you all year round. They are the best winter wardrobe necessities to wear on a lazy day.

Check out the hooded and checkered plaid shirts by high street store, Forever21.

A Knitted Jumper Dress


Stay looking feminine and cute with a knitted dress.

Forget the fuss of putting an outfit together, and stressing about things matching. Jumper dresses act as a cosy blanket outfit, all by themselves.

A festive favourite, marry your knitted jumper dress with a scarf, thick tights, and boots, for an Instagram ‘like’ worthy look.

See knitted jumper dresses by Boohoo here.

A Turtleneck


Eliminate the need to buy 500 scarves to match all your clothes. How about investing in a few turtlenecks?

Now a widespread fashion trend, turtlenecks, and choker-garments are everywhere!

Stay warm and fashionable this winter, with a turtleneck t-shirt, jumper, or a dress!

Choker detailed versions are also available if you still want to show a little skin.

Turtlenecks are simple enough to look very classy with a leather skirt and a nice necklace.

A Pair of Skinny Jeans


Another must have item for your winter wardrobe necessities, shield your legs from the cold with a pair of skinny fit jeans.

Perfect with longer length boots.

In a huge variety of colours and styles, skinny jeans are a must have. They help to accentuate your figure, whilst not standing out too much to overpower your outfit.

The skinny jeans have a place in every Asian woman’s wardrobe collection. Sporty Anushka Sharma, was snapped wearing black skinny jeans with long boots.

 A Fur Jacket


Here is another winter necessity, with faux fur, of course.

Fur always dominates shops over the festive period, keeping us toasty warm throughout the winter months.

From long length jackets to bombers, from fine to thick hair, – fur jackets are a statement piece on any outfit.

Keeping it chic, add some fur to your winter wardrobe necessities.

Tip: If you don’t want to drown in fur, or it’s your first time experimenting with it, try a furry waistcoat. Add one over a plain t-shirt, or even a turtleneck, for a fashionable finish to your outfit.

There you have it, seven simple winter wardrobe necessities for Asian women. Add a pumpkin spice latte to go, and you’re your outfit is screaming winter!

Nikita is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. Her loves include literature, travelling and writing. She is a spiritual soul and a bit of a wanderer. Her motto is: “Be crystal.”

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