Dipty Patel talks Fragrance Making and HoD Perfumes

Dipty Patel is an expert perfume-maker. Founder and creator of HoD Perfumes, Dipty tells DESIblitz about her unique collection of scents and essential oils.

Dipty Patel talks Fragrant Scents and HoD Perfumes

“I've had a passion for scent since I was a little girl"

Dipty Patel is the founder and creator of HoD Perfumes, a luxury perfume business that specialises in fragrances for both men and women.

Based in Surrey, Dipty is an experienced senior project and events manager, having spent 14 years in the industry.

But Dipty admits that she has always had a passion for perfumes and fragrant scents from a young age.

On a recent trip to the South of France, Dipty had the opportunity to visit the French perfume distilleries in Grasse, which is widely regarded as the perfume capital of the world.

It was here that Dipty saw her childhood ambition become a reality, learning how to mix ingredients and oils together to create uniquely beautiful scents.

In 2014, she finally created HoD, which now enjoys a signature collection of perfumes as well as bespoke fragrances that are created for individual clients.

In a special interview with DESIblitz, Dipty Patel tells us more about HoD Perfumes and how she fell in love with fragrances.

House of Dee


“I’ve had a passion for scent since I was a little girl,” Dipty tells us.

In Galimard in Grasse, Dipty was professionally trained in the art of perfume making by using traditional French methods and equipment. In her blog, Dipty writes:

“I wanted to get a feel for the process of modern day extraction and see what elements of the traditional methods are still used today.”

Dipty studied various types of essential oil extraction, from Enfleurage, Expression, Steam Distillation, and Solvent Extraction.

Taught by French experts, she began to uncover the mystery of perfume making and experiment with different combinations of essential oils.

It was only natural for Dipty to take the next step in creating her own signature line of fragrances.

HoD stands for House of Dee. The brand name emphasises how much of Dipty’s own passion and creativity has been infused into her brand:

“I decided to pursue this lifelong dream and create something unique by creating a range that was both seasonal and transitional throughout the day,” she continues.

The perfumes designed use specialised fruits and herbs that enhance the mind, body and soul.

N-LYTEN Eau De Parfum

Dipty Patel talks Fragrant Scents and HoD Perfumes

The brand released its first signature scent in 2014, ‘N-Lyten’. Dipty describes the fragrance as sultry and rich. It infuses elements of green tea, grapefruit and lotus as well as violet leaf and gardenias.

The luxurious fragrance is aimed at the ‘sophisticated, aspiring and passionate woman’:

“Thus far I have launched a limited edition, my signature scent N-Lyten for women which is powdery/ floral in nature. It certainly turns heads!”

Dipty is also keen to add that all of her perfumes are naturally made and friendly to the environment.

She is also working on further ways to make her perfume making process more sustainable and organic as possible:

“I only use the best ingredients. The process is friendly to the environment and from sustainable sources. The essential oils are 100% organic.”

Retailing at £80.00 for 50 ml, N-Lyten is a first edition fragrance, of which only 192 bottles exist.

The stunning bottle also comes with a beautiful black and gold Ankh charm bracelet.

Aside from HoD’s signature scent, Dipty Patel also offers hand-crafted scents. It usually involves a 90-minute consultation to uncover a statement that suits the individual’s taste and personality:

“This is bespoke and can only be decided by the person who will wear the completed fragrance. Everyone is different and tastes vary so a consultation is arranged initially,” Dipty explains.

HoD Instinct Aroma Spa Collection

Dipty Patel talks Fragrant Scents and HoD Perfumes

As Dipty tells us, it is not just her fragrances that enhance mind, body and soul. Following the success of N-Lyten, HoD launched its first Instinct Spa collection in spring 2015.

The Instinct Aroma range consists of five different oils: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, geranium and rosewood. Each essential oil works in a different way, by calming, uplifting, and stimulating the senses:

“A spa range – the Instinct range is pretty amazing! It contains 5 essential oils, each nurturing each of our senses- enriching, exciting, relaxing and calm. It definitely caters for all moods and feeds the soul.”

As described by Dipty Patel, the inspiration behind the Instinct range is to take an individual away from the stress of modern life, that can greatly impact the mind and psyche, and return you back to nature.

You can choose from a massage oil blend with Jojoba (£12.00), a travel sized roller (£6.50), or bath oil (£8.00).

HoD Perfumes offers sophisticated and independent women a stunning way to stand out from the crowd. Dipty recently showcased her perfumes at House of iKons London fashion show in September 2016.

So, what’s next for Dipty Patel and HoD Perfumes?

“I plan to launch my first unisex fragrance in early 2017. I am really excited about launching it very soon. Keep an eye out on my website for more details,” Dipty tells us.

To find out more about Dipty’s exquisite collection of perfume and spa oils, please visit HoD Perfumes here.

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Images courtesy of Dipti Patel and HoD Perfumes

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