15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

Winter jumpers are a staple for any Desi guy’s wardrobe. These 15 stylish pieces will help you find the best fit to suit your style and needs.

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

this jumper will surely spice up any man's wardrobe

The winter season brings a lot of festivities but also cooler and crisp days. It means wrapping up with some winter jumpers, but that does not mean you have to jeopardise style.

Most wardrobes go through a drastic change between the hotter and colder seasons.

Frilly shirts, cropped shorts and vibrant t-shirts are ditched for cashmere sweaters, woolly jackets and comfy trousers.

However, the chillier days and freezing evenings mean winter jumpers are the go-to piece.

Most men think of thick and oversized garments but these winter jumpers are sleek, dapper and most importantly, warm.

The best thing about these pieces is that they can be reused each year. Not only are they versatile, but they won’t go out of style.

Whether it’s layering these jumpers for a frosty commute or dressing up for a dinner party, these garments fit all occasions.

Additionally, these winter jumpers cover both ends of the budget spectrum.

Spending more will be an indulging treat, although, a bargain buy does not skimp out on quality.

With this, here are the 15 best winter jumpers to keep you trendy, polished and snug.

Sunspel Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

The list starts with this beautiful 100% lambswool jumper from Sunspel, which is uniquely knitted in Scotland.

The yarn used originates from one of the world’s oldest spinners, meaning the production of this winter jumper is refined and lavish.

The fabric and construction of this piece mean it is durable and versatile.

Perfect to put over a shirt for brisk morning meetings or gorgeous to pair up with jeans for evening drinks.

Available in an array of colours from ‘Mid Grey Melange’ to ‘Zest Yellow’, this garment is suitable for all styles and schedules.

Although this is the most expensive piece on the list at £220, it can be a treat for yourself or great to gift a loved one.

The price point is steep but given its longevity qualities, the jumper will pay for itself with the number of times you will wear it.

Take a look here.

Polo Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cotton Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

One of the most sought after men’s jumper brands is Ralph Lauren.

This cable-knit cotton piece is simplistic yet modern and the infamous embroidered logo provides a pop of colour.

What’s special about this winter jumper is it has a wider chest whilst still maintaining a modern silhouette.

This means that it is easy to achieve a fitted and tapered ensemble whilst staying comfortable. The crewneck style means men can layer this piece or wear it by itself.

Pair these up with moss green chinos to achieve a seamless festive outfit.

Or, toned down, this jumper can be worn with slim grey joggers for a cosy night in.

Additionally, the textured ribbing adds a different aesthetic to this winter jumper, for those Desi men looking for a unique style.

At £135, this is another high-end piece, but it will stand the test of time and remain a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Explore the range here.

Zara Textured Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

Slightly similar to the Sunspel winter jumper, this textured garment from Zara comes at a fraction of the price – £27.99.

The looser fit is ideal for more casual looks, especially for those with more minimalist styles. However, the oversized fit is subdued by the ribbed trims.

Compliment this garment with beige trousers and a silver necklace for a stylish shopping trip.

Likewise, the piece can be tucked into some darker jeans with an overcoat thrown on for a gracious dinner date.

Additionally, the jumper is made from 50% recycled polyester. This is excellent to see within a more environmentally aware society.

Even those with more experimental styles can keep warm in this jumper. The stone colour palette looks impeccable against the dark backdrops of the winter season.

However, it is available in turquoise green and a snazzy yellow for those who wish to jazz up their outfits.

Have a look here.

Benedict Raven Soho Roll Neck

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

Although men love turtlenecks during winter, and rightly so, the roll neck is becoming the foundation of many outfits.

Turtlenecks are sometimes too fitted around the neck, whereas roll neck jumpers are slightly thinner, so are more breathable.

This specific piece from Benedict Raven is spun from merino wool yarn, making it lightweight and ultra-soft but it remains insulated.

Ready to be dressed up or down, this humble garment can be worn underneath denim jackets for a catch up with friends.

Or, wear this winter jumper as part of a suit, replacing the shirt for a formal dinner ensemble with a twist.

The cuffs, ribbed neck and hem protect the shape of the jumper whilst the brand’s feather logo adds a burst of elegance.

At £69, men know they’re getting a timeless jumper which is slowly becoming an essential part of men’s winter fashion.

Check it out here.

Reiss Jericho Tipped Zip Neck

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

Zip neck jumpers have been formidable within men’s fashion for their classic yet versatile look.

The collared neck adds a formality to the piece, and the addition of a zip will allow you to modify the look of an outfit.

Zipped all the way up can imitate a polo shirt, and donned with navy trousers achieves an on-point outfit.

Or zipped slightly down with a white shirt and aquatic tie underneath achieves a refined office look.

The cotton blend helps combat the winter shivers whilst the impressive white detailing adds a tasteful contrast.

This winter jumper is great for men with different styles. Although, the construction of the garment means it can also be worn in the warmer seasons.

Starting from £65, this piece is breathable, functional and simplistic. This means men can achieve an effortlessly trendy look without having to overcomplicate things.

See the range here.

COS Oversized-Fit Teddy Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

COS is a fashion powerhouse when it comes to minimalist garments with a twist. This winter jumper is no different.

Made from a recycled polyester blend, this ‘teddy’ piece is suitably named given the cosy texture plastered across the garment.

Not only will this keep men toasty, but it will also transfer this cosiness to those who come into contact with the jumper.

The dropped shoulders provide a relaxed silhouette, allowing men to wear this throughout the day without getting overheated.

Worn on top of an all-black outfit with dark Chelsea boots would look spectacular for late-night parties.

Or, indulge in the snugness of the garment by relaxing on a snowy day in front of the fireplace.

At a very respectable £55, these could even accompany camel cargo trousers and black shoes for those looking to enhance their style.

Check it out here.

M&S Pure Cotton Textured Funnel Neck Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

A forgotten piece that is infiltrating men’s fashion once again is funnel neck jumpers.

This gorgeous winter jumper is made from pure cotton and the added texture across the front and hems give it an added vibrancy.

In an iconic colourway reminiscent of Christmas holly, the design provides warmth and comfort against the dropping temperatures.

In addition, the construction of a funnel neck means it sits lower down the neck. This is perfect for men who dislike the high necklines of other jumpers.

The button feature means this item looks classy with denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

Although, it would look just as gracious with cropped trousers, a simple shirt and a maroon tie to accentuate the festive feeling.

Marks & Spencer is quickly solidifying itself as a fantastic clothing brand and at £60, this winter jumper is the perfect mix of affordability and style.

Find it here.

H&M Shawl-Collar Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

This simplistic shawl collar jumper has been predominant in winter fashion for decades.

With a wider body and fitted sleeves, this winter jumper compliments any body shape without jeopardising durability.

The knitted cotton blend adds a welcomed comfort, and the ribbed hem and cuffs mean there is no bagginess.

Well suited for office meetings, afternoon dates or a family dinner, this garment will impress at any event.

Given the fit of the jumper, it can also be used in place of a jacket as a layering piece.

Style this formidable item with black chinos and suede boots. Then, add a green shirt for a pop of colour to complete a chic winter outfit.

Priced at £29.99, this is a great option for those on a tighter budget.

View it here.

Arket Merino Polo Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

The most important thing when investing in a winter jumper is its versatility. This is where polo jumpers come into the mix.

Not only are they superb as a singular piece but they look splendid as a layering option.

Made from merino wool, this jumper has a soft feel and a slightly lustrous surface which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Men can don this with tailored charcoal trousers and leather brogues for an exquisite evening ensemble.

Likewise, wear the garment under an overcoat for an added layer of heat.

Ranging from beige to ‘Dusty Blue’, men can quickly find the colour to suit them.

However, the winter jumper itself, in whichever colour, can be worn in different ways throughout the year.

This is impressive but shows how fashion, no matter the brand, is driving towards flexibility. At £59, this jumper will surely spice up any man’s wardrobe.

Take a look here.

Uniqlo Cashmere V-Neck Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

For those wanting to upscale their winter jumpers or treat themselves, this cashmere v-neck jumper is a strong choice.

V-neck garments have had a resurgence in modern fashion, especially with high-fashion cardigans and cricket-style vests.

So this piece fuses the best of both worlds.

Men can remain snug whilst looking on-trend. Not to mention the 100% soft cashmere fabric which gives an added luxury whilst wearing it.

The unparalleled richness of this item allows it to flow over your body.

This means it can easily pair with a blazer to top off a formal look or be worn by itself with a light pair of jeans.

Surprisingly, with such high-fashion elements like the fabric and design, this winter jumper clocks in at £89.90.

This is a bargain compared to other retailers, especially when factoring in the reliability of Uniqlo as a brand and the quality.

Explore the range here.

COS Relaxed-Fit Graphic Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

As one of the most outlandish designs on the list, this winter jumper is a great statement piece.

The organic cotton and wool blend allows the perfect insulation against the season’s frost whilst the red and white colourway provide an ode to Christmas.

The intarsia graphic pattern was created through digital manipulation of mineral stones, achieving an abstract finish.

Not only does the garment grab your attention, but it is perfect for those with a more experimental style.

The relaxed fit makes the jumper drape over your body, but the ribbed neck keeps the structure intact.

This would pair up seamlessly with a plain jacket and scarf or can be tucked into some wide trousers for a more innovative ensemble.

For those with a more subdued style, this appealing jumper is a great starting place to explore other fits.

At £69, the vibrant elements of this winter jumper make it an exceptional bargain. Although, alternatives can be found in marketplaces like ASOS.

Have a look here.

Dick’s Harley Supersoft Shetland Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

This shetland style crew-neck has a more traditional design that is poignant around wintertime.

Knitted from supersoft shetland wool in Peterhead, Scotland, this jumper is incredibly cosy and has a classic colourway, fit for any occasion.

The contrasting chest and sleeve panels add that burst of colour, tying in nicely with the leafy browns and oranges of autumn right through to winter.

The relaxed fit which tapers off at the hem pairs nicely with an undershirt and jeans for a casual winter date.

Although, it can be worn to an office party as a sleeker version of a Christmas jumper.

The piece is not as heavy as it appears which means you can wear it throughout the day without feeling weighed down.

Additionally, the high-quality construction and care put into knitting this garment mean its condition won’t falter. The £120 price point is representative of that.

Take a look here.

M&S Cotton Chest Stripe Roll Neck Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

Of course, no winter jumpers list is complete without the humble turtleneck.

A go-to for many men and a classic staple that pairs nicely with almost anything, the turtleneck is extremely popular within fashion.

Lightweight, snug and the added protection of its famous neckline has given this item longevity.

With 85% sustainable cotton, this turtleneck from M&S is ideal to finish off any outfit.

Whether it’s with a pair of cream slacks and loafers for lunch or underneath a blazer for a dinner and dance.

The added chest stripe supplies a boldness to the winter jumper and gives men the option to wear it as a stylish stand-alone piece.

This specific collection also has a teal colourway so the potential outfits one could conjure up are endless.

At only £29.99, this jumper is a must-have to expand those winter ensembles.

See it here.

Zara PTCN KNT 07

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

As a brand that tries to redefine fashion, this piece from Zara is one of the most uniquely designed winter jumpers on this list.

Made from 100% wool, the garment has buttoned tabs on the shoulders with side vents at the hem.

The contrasting colour panels and shoulder straps make it representative of military-style pieces, which have been at the forefront of modern fashion.

The textured detailing is hypnotic and definitely combines nicely with darker shade bottoms.

For those with a daring style, this can be worn with a green shirt and tailored trousers to impress coworkers.

Or, dress the jumper down with some classic jeans and simple white trainers for a sophisticated yet casual look.

Coming in at £109, this garment is pricey yet undoubtedly innovative – one of the key aspects for many when shopping.

Check it out here.

Next Superdry Jacob Henley Jumper

15 Best Winter Jumpers for Desi Men

The last garment on this winter jumpers list is an exquisite piece from Next.

The piece is in a beautiful marble grey colour and the embedded criss-cross pattern emphasises the palette even more.

A modern take on a vintage design, the jumper boasts a neck zip which allows it to be worn with a shirt and jeans for a naturistic ensemble.

Likewise, it can be donned with slim suit pants and leather boots for an extravagant party.

The ribbed hem and cuffs stick to the body, giving a tailored silhouette when put on.

Additionally, the strong structure of the jumper provides you with warmth and highlights the shoulders and arms.

At £60, this impeccable jumper is fit for all occasions and provides men with the versatility to wear it across the winter months.

Explore the range here.

Jumpers, much like a good suit, are the focal point for many men when choosing an outfit during winter.

This wide selection of winter jumpers shows how truly diverse the fashion landscape is.

Whilst some garments are more simplistic in design, the essence of a good piece is warmth, comfortability and durability.

This is what each of these winter jumpers succeeds at. Even more experimental fashionistas don’t have to sacrifice their style in the winter.

Whether it’s layering or choosing a statement piece, this list will provide the foundation for you to choose a specific look or challenge your own taste.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Sunspel, Ralph Lauren, COS, John Lewis, Benedict Raven, Reiss, M&S, H&M, Arket, Uniqlo, Dicks Edinburgh, Zara & Next.

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