Beauty Queen wants to Show her Job is ‘More than just Looks’

A beauty pageant winner says she wants to show that her job is “more than just looks” as she wants to change the world.

Beauty Queen wants to Show her Job is 'More than just Looks' f

"As Miss Manchester, I further spread my advocacy."

A beauty pageant winner is on a mission to prove that her job is much more than just being pretty.

Former Miss Manchester Anita Saha always dreamt of competing in pageants and over the last few years, she’s managed to turn her dream into a reality.

The 23-year-old is now determined to promote South Asian models in the industry as she wants to be an advocate for anti-bullying, anti-colourism and self-love.

Anita acknowledged that things are changing in the industry but admitted that more could be done to encourage diversity.

She said something as simple as a conversation around the dinner table can empower children to accept their unique features and skin colour.

Anita explained: “I truly believe films and media play an instrumental role in shaping the mindsets of people.

“Casting and showcasing people of all colours in lead roles and for big modelling projects would make a difference.

“As Miss Manchester, I further spread my advocacy.

“For Children’s Mental Health Week, I partnered up with Beacon Counselling, where I spoke to young school children from the ages of 11 to 17 about the importance of mental health, being tolerant and accepting of each other’s differences, anti-racism, anti-bullying, self-love and the support available to them.”

The beauty queen stated that South Asian women have “always been subjected to extreme societal pressure” to both act and live a certain way.

Anita has worked to help young people break away from this idea as she wants them to know that they can achieve their dreams.

Beauty Queen wants to Show her Job is 'More than just Looks'

For Anita, she took part in London Fashion Week 2024, which she called a “thrilling experience”.

She told Daily Star: “I am so grateful that I got this opportunity to be chosen out of several South Asian models and spread awareness representing darker South Asian skin on the London Fashion Week runway.

“Something younger me could only dream of.

“It was an ode to my younger self, and to all young dark-skinned girls and boys – to make them seen, heard and represented.”

On the importance of her work, she continued:

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to advocate for causes which are close to my heart and make my work as a model powerful and meaningful, which is truly the essence of a beauty with a purpose.

“I am doing this for younger me, who grew up with low confidence, and for young girls and boys who are going through the same that they are allowed to dream big.

“That is truly what gives me and my title as Miss Manchester purpose.”

Speaking on her plans for the future, Anita intends to collaborate with schools, organisations and individuals with the same goals to make the world a kinder place.

Anita added: “I am hoping to continue working as a fashion model and walk for more shows, and hoping to get the opportunity to work with more brands.

“I am equally passionate about creating an impact, and add to the knowledge pool of biomedical sciences as research – hoping that my small contribution could impact someone’s life positively.”

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