Ayesha Shaukat criticised for unrealistic Demands in a Husband

Model Ayesha Shaukat explained what she looks for in a husband. But many said her demands were unrealistic.

Ayesha Shaukat criticised for unrealistic Demands in a Husband f

“He should look good standing next to me.”

Ayesha Shaukat is facing backlash after she revealed her expectations of an ideal life partner.

Vasay Chaudhary, a seasoned host of the popular Samaa TV show Gup Shab, has interviewed numerous guests throughout his career.

In a recent episode, he welcomed up-and-coming model Ayesha Shaukat to the show.

Like many other guests, Ayesha was asked about her ideal life partner and what she looks for in a husband.

Ayesha shared her criteria for an ideal partner, which included a Master’s degree, being physically attractive and a compatible personality.

She said: “He should be educated and he should respect me. He should not forget ethics and morals even in the state of anger.”

Additionally, she specified a minimum monthly income of Rs. 10 lakh (£2,800), adjusted for inflation, from the beginning of their relationship.

Ayesha continued: “He should look good standing next to me.”

The host asked Ayesha how handsome he should look and told her to give an example.

The model replied: “He should look like Fawad Khan and Wahaj Ali from Pakistan and an example from India would be Sidharth Malhotra.”

Ayesha’s expectations sparked a reaction from the audience, with many criticising her expectations.

A user said: “These are the kind of women who have to lower their standards at the age of 35.

“Such high expectations can never be met. This is not a movie, it is real life.”

Another added: “She herself looks like a housemaid.

“I am certain she never even saw 10 lakh in her life and she dreams of having the perfect man as if she is too good for anyone.”

Criticising Ayesha, one said: “Why would a man, who has all of these qualities, marry a girl like you?

“You are not attractive or educated. Nor do you earn much. Have a little sense of shame and stop thinking so highly of yourself.”

Another stated: “Mark my words, she will marry someone who looks like the bottom of my shoe.”

One asked: “How can she demand so much with a face like that? Who told her she is even slightly good-looking?”

Another said: “The contrast between her rural accent and her emphasis on education for her potential partner is striking. She actually sounds like she belongs in a village.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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