Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in ‘The Body’?

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi stars in the suspense film, ‘The Body.’ We explore if Emraan is the victim or suspect in the film.

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in ‘The Body’? - F

"He is an intelligent actor and very calculative."

Edge-of-the seat thriller, The Body releasing in December 2019 will have Emraan Hashmi playing an interesting role, perhaps as the victim or suspect.

An intriguing poster initially gave Bollywood viewers many questions to ask.

Emraan Hashmi then teased Bollywood fans, in a dramatic trailer during November 2019. The Body has been produced under the banners of Viacom18 Studios and Azure Entertainment.

The story follows Emraan Hashmi, a widower, who is brought into question by police for his missing wife, Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhuipala).

The film also marks the exciting return of Bollywood icon Rishi Kapoor, portraying the role of a devoted and investigative police officer.

Whilst being directed by Jeetu Joseph, the movie also stars actress Vedhika Kumar who portrays a student. The song ‘Main Janta Hoon’, which has got desi music fans in full voice addresses plenty of talking points too.

Ahead of the release, we try to unravel whether Emraan Hashmi as Mr Puri is the victim or suspect, as well the mystery and thriller aspects of the film:

Mysterious Poster

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in 'The Body'? - IA 4

On November 13, 2019, the poster was brought to everyone’s attention, conveying a cryptic and negative message to the audience.

Emraan Hashmi who plays Mr Puri makes us debate whether he is the victim or suspect. He put the film poster on Twitter, with the caption reading:

“A murder cover-up or a mysterious conspiracy? Find out the truth of #TheBody, releasing this December, Friday the 13th.”

The poster displays the use of red wine and a poisonous liquid, which proves to be a vital combination. The TH-16 drug is a toxin possibly from Mr Puri’s wife, Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhuipala) and her laboratory.

The drug may also be used in the film as a method of killing, by mixing it with the wine.

A key element from the image is also the glass, and how the wine spilt shows and an outline of a woman. The outline eerily matches the look of blood.

In addition, a small note reading ‘Miss you Jaan’ with a mobile phone beside it, indicates a link between the two objects. ‘Jaan’ is also another term for life and love, which is alluding to a message from Mr Puri.

However, will Maya use this note to haunt Mr Puri, to say she was aware of his actions? The back story of this message was a small glimpse of what followed in the trailer.

The two rings beside the wine glass are largely symbolic. They possibly embody the marriage between Maya and Mr Puri. However being placed beside the wine, implies some sort of bloodshed.

There is also a mobile phone on the poster, which probably has a significance.

Intriguing Trailer

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in 'The Body'? - IA 1.1

A day after the poster was launched, on November 14, 2019, the first trailer dropped for The Body, offering intriguing teasers to keep audiences hooked.

The trailer opens with Rishi Kapoor, immediately asking questions as to who is closely associated with a missing body.

Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhulipala), the woman who we presume is dead, is married to Mr Puri (Emraan Hashmi).

In addition, we are fully introduced to the character of Mr Puri. He works in the laboratory business of Maya and is a professor, teaching at university.

As the trailer develops, Rishi Kapoor examines further into the case to the point where he interrogates Mr Puri. Although as he pressurises him, we assume Mr Puri is the unfair victim.

However, doubts arise over the impatient behaviour of Mr Puri, as the trailer addresses the flaws in his marriage, privately.

Mr Puri is apparently having an affair with another woman, played by Vedhika Kumar. The character of Rishi Kapoor is confident, repeatedly claiming to numerous characters that Mr Puri is a murderer.

The trailer gets more captivating as he appears to be colluding with his mistress, by originally planning to murder Maya.

Though, Maya could also be plotting revenge on Mr Puri by framing him after cheating on her. This is after the trailer hints at the possibility that Maya is faking her death.

Concerning the visual aspect of the trailer, the makers utilise the zip from a body bag. It is an effective use of transition shots within the teaser and certainly creates mystery.

Watch the trailer for The Body here:


Mr Puri and the Interrogator

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in 'The Body'? - IA 2

Focusing on Emraan Hashmi and his character, we gather that he is a hard-working man. Although, once he faces the possible danger of incarceration, his anger is evident.

Rishi Kapoor makes a surprise comeback into films after his sabbatical of around a year due to illness. Fans will see him rival Emraan Hashmi, as he interrogates Mr Puri, to reveal his secrets.

A number of confrontations between the two of them could determine Mr Puri’s true colours.

For example, they are seen to have a physical altercation in the trailer. This implies that frustration gets the better of Rishi Kapoor, making Mr Puri a likely victim.

As per the trailer, An impatient Mr Puri also outbursts at Rishi Kapoor, when asked about whether he holds against anyone who targets him.

Their relationship off-screen helped them work together for the shoot of this suspense film. According to news18 Emraan Hashmi praised Rishi Kapoor for his charisma on set:

“I love Rishi sir because he will not say words behind your back.”

“All the good things I’ve heard of him are true! There is no hypocrisy in him.”

Furthermore, Outlook India suggests Rishi Kapoor is in awe of Emraan Hashmi and his ability to adapt to different film genres:

“He was doing romantic films. I thought he would only work in that genre of films, but it is great to see how he shifted gear and became a versatile actor.

“He is an intelligent actor and very calculative.” Whilst sharing an intense rivalry in the film, they will surely be stand out characters.

Maya and the Student

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in 'The Body'? - IA 3

Sobhita Dhulipala and Vedhika Kumar are important to the film, as they both depict the love interests of Mr Puri.

Despite their appealing attributes, the audience is unable to determine whether they have good or bad intentions.

For example, the character of Sobhita, Maya Verma, is a powerful businesswoman, working in a forensic laboratory.

However, as Maya finds out about her husband, she possibly changes into a negative shade, which is vividly dark. She psychologically confuses Mr Puri to where he questions his own sanity.

This hints that Mr Puri could be the victim in the story. Sobhita earlier shared thoughts on her character with the Hindustan Times, stating:

“She is young and an absolute alpha; her role has interesting layers. She is a little more than the girl-next-door.”

Vedhika Kumar makes her Hindi film debut with The Body. She has previous experience featuring across Tamil and Telugu films. As reported by Outlook India she relishes her opportunity in Hindi Cinema:

“I can’t wait to start this exciting journey. Emraan Hashmi is such a fabulous actor and I look forward to working with him.”

With regards to her character, her personality is unpredictable. She portrays the role of a university student who falls in love with the professor, Mr Puri.

Her innocence is particularly in doubt, as cheating with a married man makes her a negative influence.

Main Janta Hoon

Is Emraan Hashmi the Victim or Suspect in 'The Body'? - IA 5

Songs of the film have come out, prior to the release of the movie. The visuals of the song speak volumes of how the story may unfold.

On November 22, 2019,  ‘Main Jaanta Hoon’ was announced. It follows the gradual relationship build between Mr Puri and Vedhika’s character. A lot of the scenes take place at the university.

Jubin Nautiyal provides the vocals for this slow romantic ballad. The chemistry between the two characters increases in this song.

For instance, the frequent eye contact between them both highlights their strong bond. Furthermore, the lyrics in the song make reference to their feelings and anticipation of securing their love:

“Yun bewajah milke muskurana, bin kuch kahe sab bol jaana, karna ishaara baatein banana, sabr ko mere yun aazmana.”

[Smiling unnecessarily, speak without saying anything, Make gestures, try patience like me.]

Whilst Mr Puri is depicted as an honest man, the song also portrays innocent love between two people.

However, the connection between them is controversial as the teacher and student intimate relationship, is a serious underlying problem.

Based on his wrongful behaviours, it makes us ask how far will Mr Puri go to break more rules.

Watch ‘Main Janta Hoon’ from The Body here:


With fans eagerly awaiting more details about the film, the promotional side remains a mystery for Bollywood fans.

The return of Rishi Kapoor will attractively generate a slightly older audience to the film as well as creating a buzz.

The film is also a remake of the Spanish film, The Body (2012). With the original receiving plenty of positive reviews, it gives this upcoming movie encouraging signs.

The Body hits theatres on December 13, 2019, and will surely be hoping to succeed. We have to wait and see if Emraan Hashmi is the victim, suspect or neither in the film.

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