ASOS slammed for ‘problematic’ new Asian Bridalwear

Fashion retailer ASOS has been criticised for its new Asian bridalwear collection, which shoppers are calling ‘basic’ and ‘disappointing’.

ASOS slammed for 'problematic' new Asian Bridalwear f

“Plus stealing from our culture? No thanks."

Online fashion retailer ASOS has been criticised by shoppers for its new Asian bridalwear range.

ASOS recently added to their bridal section by launching a new range of lehengas.

However, shoppers quickly pointed out that the outfits are not traditionally bridal.

As well as this, people are also accusing the retailer of cultural appropriation.

ASOS announced their new collection on Twitter.

In a tweet from Monday, April 26, 2021, they said:

“We’ve just expanded our bridal range.”

However, users slammed the brand for selling bridalwear that is not traditionally bridal, and more suited for guests at weddings and events.

The brand also found itself in hot water for allegedly capitalising on South Asian culture.

One user commented:

“Bridal wear from where pls. This is a basic af outfit. The kind you wear to an event, not a wedding.

“Plus stealing from our culture? No thanks. Try again ASOS.”

Another wrote:

“Outfits for South Asian events are most often tailored to suit each person so when you have an event with 500+ people, everyone has something unique on.

“This seems like it just capitalises off our culture and jeopardises small businesses in our community and it’s disappointing.”

Multiple Twitter users also highlighted the negative effect it would have on independent Asian businesses.

ASOS slammed for 'problematic' new Asian Bridalwear -

One commented:

“Because the whole point is that this a) takes away from brown businesses and b) isn’t even bridal wear, they could’ve looked into it and c) there are also affordable options from South Asian shops.”

Another said: “Much rather go to Southall and Leicester anyways and get my wear from local businesses and support them.”

Amid the backlash, ASOS did receive a few positive reviews.

One user said that some Asian women may prefer a scaled-down wedding outfit, saying:

“Some of these comments are ridiculous.

“Not every Indian girl wants to look like a Christmas tree on her wedding day.”

“Also the amount of judgement I’ve gotten in Indian stores from assistants makes me despise going in them so I love that a mainstream retailer is doing this.”

ASOS also defended their collection and discussed how they came to add Asian bridalwear to their website.

The fashion retailer told Manchester Evening News:

“This product is part of our new South Asian wedding collection.

“One of our ASOSers, who is South Asian, suggested we create more pieces like this, so we can make sure we’re offering the best fashion for a variety of occasions.

“He assisted in the buying, design and creation of these products to bring the collection authenticity, educated our team on the cultural context, fabrics and terminology, and had final approval of the designs.

“It’s something we feel passionately about, and which we want to continue in the future.”

Despite the wealth of criticism, some shoppers expressed delight in ASOS taking a step forward in diversifying their bridal collection.

Louise is an English and Writing graduate with a passion for travel, skiing and playing the piano. She also has a personal blog which she updates regularly. Her motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Images courtesy of ASOS

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