12 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

There is nothing worse for a man than irritating boxers. DESIblitz lists the top 12 boxers for confidence, style, comfort and breathability.

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy - f

They should be the singular most comfortable item in a man's wardrobe.

Boxers, much like a white shirt, are a key component for every man’s closet that they should not settle for.

Not only are boxers the first garment men put on but it is also the item they wear throughout the day.

From office workers to gym enthusiasts, undergarments are vital and can provide a limitless amount of versatility.

However, with thousands of styles and designs to choose from, can any old boxers just do?

Every man is different and prefers a style that suits their body and movements.

A construction worker who is active for hours will not want to wear the same briefs as an accountant who will be sitting down for most of the day.

Being such an essential piece, many boxers require trial and error. Some can shrink, rip, weaken or cause irritation – something crucial to avoid.

Men need breathability, flexibility and comfort in their boxers. DESIblitz lists twelve boxer styles that are ideal for different schedules, activities and taste.

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Trunks

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

Starting with the brand that innovated men’s underwear, Calvin Klein offers numerous styles of boxers, trunks and briefs.

These trunks are fused with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, offering a breathable garment that is delicate on the skin.

Although these pristine trunks are more fitted, this should not be confused with restriction.

The underwear’s soft and smooth fabric allows maximum movement without having to fear of ‘stretching them out.’

These are more suited for active men who will be moving throughout the day but can easily be lounged in as well.

Men can feel satisfied within these garments as they fit close to the body which reduces the boxers riding up and causing soreness.

A 2 pack of these sleek trunks sit at £35, highlighting the quality of the garment.

Uniqlo Airism Boxers

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy (8)

Uniqlo is one of the most inexpensive brands on this list that offers efficiency and reliability.

With many colours, styles and fits, Uniqlo’s range of underwear is impressive against other established brands.

This specific Airism boxer boasts a 88% polyester and 12% spandex blend, focusing on comfort and breathability.

Although most men opt for cotton, polyester is slowly becoming the favoured fabric for its lightweight qualities.

These boxers utilise the delicacy of the fabric and offer a garment that is less bulky and offers odour-controlling features.

These are ideal for university students, keeping them comfortable throughout lectures without breaking the bank.

At just £9.90, these are also perfect for sporty men who require a soft garment that keeps those gentle areas dry and cool.

BawBags Cotton Boxer Shorts

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

Comfort is one thing when it comes to boxers, but some men just like to have fun with underwear.

BawBags provide a wide range of quirky designs for those who like their boxers to be as outlandish as their other garments.

From skulls to comic books to country flags, there are numerous designs for men who want a bit of character in their boxers.

Using deluxe cotton and a custom fit design, these boxers are optimal for daily wear and can also be used abroad when lounging by the pool.

The custom fit allows the garment to mould to the body, making it suitable for all sizes and shapes.

Starting from £12.50, these inexpensive boxers are brilliant for those who want brash designs whilst remaining within their budget.

Next Pattern Woven Boxers

Next Pattern Woven Boxers

These woven boxers from high-street store Next offer some mesmerising colours and durability for men.

At 100% cotton, these boxers provide a looser fit ideal for men with bigger body shapes who dislike slimmer fits.

The soft construction on the waistband provides a smoother garment on the skin and avoids irritation.

The button-through front is an added touch for a more classical look and easy access when using the bathroom.

This is highly popular among businessmen as the garments provide airflow. So for meetings, commutes and intense office days, these boxers should be utilised.

At an astonishing £28 for a four-pack, these boxers are ideal for price, style and quality.

Tani SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief

Tani SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief

As mentioned before, polyester is slowly emerging in more boxer and brief styles.

However, American-based brand Tani is utilising a fabric called micro modal in this crisp boxer brief design.

The fabric is incredibly soft and has a super silk feel that makes it lightweight and durable.

The underwear focuses on dryness and keeping you cool, ideal for personal trainers or p.e. teachers who are constantly moving.

The stretch capabilities remove any fear of the fabric tearing and the boxers recovery qualities means the structure is not jeopardised.

Made entirely from all-natural and biodegradable materials, these boxer briefs sit at £32 and continue to rise in popularity.

Derek Rose Classic Boxer Shorts

Derek Rose Classic Boxer Shorts

Comfort is critical when it comes to men’s underwear, but the style and design of the boxers can also be important.

These 100% cotton boxers are dapper, lightweight and offer the stylish qualities to be worn on holiday for a more chic look.

The versatility in these boxers allures to more fashion-orientated Desi men, who could don this garment with a simple t-shirt.

The multiple floral and striped designs are bright and appealing and the cotton used provides a cool relief throughout the seasons.

Having a more relaxed fit means the garment can be worn freely under trousers or jeans whilst still remaining flexible.

Starting from £40, these boxers are more pricey than others but are also more versatile.

Under Armour UA Tech Boxerjock

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

Even though some of the other boxers are able to withstand daily activity, specific boxers for a workout are critical for gym-goers.

With 90% polyester, 10& elastance and incorporation of the mesh make these Under Armour boxers perfect for those intense routines.

Not only do these boxers protect fragile areas more than cotton underwear, but they also have no side or back seams meaning the fit adapts to one’s body.

These also are designed to be longer than conventional boxers. This is to reduce chaffing as the boxers will not ride up whilst working out.

Men who sweat easily can be confident in these boxers as they essentially control perspiration and halt moisture build-up that can lead to odours.

At only £30, this garment is an investment for active men and will not be disappointed.

Derek Rose Classic Silk Boxer Shorts

Derek Rose Classic Silk Boxer Shorts

The priciest pair of underwear on this list comes in the shape of Derek Rose’s silk boxers.

These 100% silk boxer shorts offer a more luxurious take on undergarments, providing a certain flamboyance when wearing them.

Much like women, men should also explore extravagant options to treat themselves with.

These type of boxers can make men exude confidence as silk offers this premium feeling when wearing it.

Romantic nights with partners, evening pool parties or just lounging abroad are all perfect occasions for these top-quality boxers.

It should be noted silk has the tendency to trap moisture and heat, therefore can feel suffocating if worn under improper conditions.

However, the style, flair and panache of these undergarments will allow any man to feel trendy, slick and upbeat.

At £135, these are not suitable for budget spenders. However, if one does take the plunge, with the proper care these boxers will remain intact forever.

Ted Baker Georgge Boxers

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

Continuing with more stylish ensembles, Ted Baker offers great underwear for Desi men who want fashionable boxers that are more subdued.

The floral print on these particular boxers are extremely stylish and offers a more refined look than brands like BawBags.

Men should expand into boxers that utilise other fabrics instead of cotton. Although reliable, cotton holds onto moisture which is bad for genital health.

This is why Ted Baker utilise the same modal fabric as the Tani silk boxers, meaning there is the ultimate comfort when wearing these.

The lightweight fabric but tighter fit is great for men who like a more compact fit without having to worry about compression or sweat.

A 2 pack of these stylish boxers cost £40. A price justified when taking into account the design, durability and longevity of the garment.

Banana Boxers

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

A relatively unknown brand, but one that is rising in prominence due to its creative and sustainable take on underwear.

With every boxer being handsewn and packed using bamboo and recycled plastic, these boxers are luxurious, quirky and environmentally conscious.

Although a small brand, Banana Boxers have numerous designs from banana boats to cheeky monkey’s.

Even their minimal designs such as polka dots and stripes boast striking hues of purple and green.

The 100% cotton poplin boxers are aimed to feel soft yet crisp with an airy drape, perfect for men who are on the go.

The vibrancy of the boxers means they can be used as shorts on holiday or are is a superb gift idea for those ‘hard to buy for’ men.

Starting at just £12.50, these boxers utilise all the components of a great boxer. Style, breathability, fit and feel are all on display with this brand.

M&S Strech Cool & Fresh Trunks

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

Much like Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer is well-known for its men’s underwear with an inexpensive twist.

The high-street store has an impressive range of undergarments with numerous designs and colours that target the everyday consumer.

The quirky yet minimal designs appear as a fusion of Ted Baker and Uniqlo, hitting the sweet spot of dapper boxers without overspending.

At 90% cotton and 10& elastane, these stylish boxers utilise antibacterial technology that aid with keeping cool and fresh.

The regular fit design means the boxers will hug the thigh and waist without compressing the skin, leaving men feeling durable.

Many men and their schedules can benefit from these boxers which use a ‘staynew’ finish which means the boxers will look newer for longer.

Starting from £18 for a staggering 3 pack, M&S is definitely a brand that provides good quality comfort for a fraction of the price.

Tesco Cotton Jersey Boxers

10 Boxers & Styles Ideal for Every Desi Guy

The most accessible of all the garments listed are these cotton jersey boxers from the grocery store, Tesco.

The launch of the F&F clothing range introduced shoppers to a wide range of quality clothes, including boxers.

The cotton in these minimal boxers caress the skin and impressively avoid any riding up the leg.

With a focus on maximum comfortability, the breezy garments allow for flexibility and coolness.

The most appealing aspect of these boxers is the price point, with a pack of 3 costing under £10,  this is an unlikely but successful competitor for more expensive brands.

All these undergarments have different constructions and fabrics specifically designed for singular or multiple purposes.

The main thing Desi men should consider when choosing a boxer/brief is their body shape. Too many men settle for small or larger garments.

They should be the singular most comfortable item in a man’s wardrobe.

Too small will lead to odour build-up and irritation, whereas larger boxers can bunch up and feel uncomfortable. So, it is imperative men choose wisely and explore.

Taking into account one’s daily schedule will make choosing the correct fit even easier, especially when many boxers can be worn for different levels of activity.

These twelve boxers are a great place for Desi men to start upgrading their boxer game for comfort and style.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, BawBags, Next, Derek Rose, Tani, Under Armour, Ted Baker & Banana.

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