Momina Iqbal labels her Beauty as ‘Problematic’

During an interview, Momina Iqbal claimed her beauty leads to people being unsupportive, adding that it is “problematic”.

Momina Iqbal labels her Beauty as 'Problematic' f

She blamed it on her good looks

Momina Iqbal recently made a guest appearance on Mazaaq Raat and labelled her beauty as “problematic”.

Imran Ashraf delved into the details of the attention Momina receives.

It was during this exploration that Momina opened up about the challenges that come with her beauty.

She shared that her looks don’t always effortlessly translate into professional advantages for her.

Instead, it brings about negativities, with people’s insecurities and jealousy manifesting as unsupportive feelings within her immediate circle.

Momina explained that in every area of her life, be it work, family, or society, people do not support her.

She blamed it on her good looks and noticed that people did not give off good vibes and accused them of being jealous.

Imran Ashraf went on to ask: “Your beauty must bring about a lot of romantic proposals then?”

When he asked about matters of the heart, Momina responded with a deep perspective, infusing her words with genuine emotion.

“Everyone is not so lucky. You might get all the love there is in the world, but not by the person you want it from.”

This hinted at her experience of a failed love in her past.

As the discussion unfolded, the co-hosts on Mazaaq Raat extended praise towards Momina’s appearance.

They initiated a dialogue that revolved around asking about her skincare routine.

Praising her captivating charm, they wanted to know the secrets behind her timeless good looks.

Viewers had various opinions to share. Most of them were negative.

One user asked: “Does she actually think she is even slightly pretty?”

Another said: “Delusional. Not everyone is obsessed with you Momina.”

One claimed: “No one is jealous of you believe me.”

Another wrote:

“How could you make anyone jealous? You do not even fit the beauty standards. You’re fat and have unattractive features.”

One remarked: “A full cake faces of makeup and still not pretty in my opinion.”

Some fans came forward to defend her and showed their support.

One of them said: “Come on guys, she is beautiful.”

In Momina Iqbal’s career, one can see her versatility shine.

She is also known for her graceful style in effortlessly pulling off both Eastern and Western outfits.

Momina Iqbal effortlessly takes on characters from the good-hearted to the morally complex, proving her natural and genuine acting talent.

It’s a testament to her authentic skills in bringing characters to life.

Watch the full episode:


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