Momina Iqbal asks Ex-Couples to Respect One Another After Divorce

Whilst discussing the subject of divorce, Momina Iqbal requested ex-couples to respect one another after parting ways.

Momina Iqbal asks Ex-Couples to Respect One Another After Divorce f

"But they don’t disrespect one another."

Momina Iqbal appeared on Zabardast and got emotional as she discussed divorce.

Host Wasi Shah said that in a relationship, two people live together faithfully but there comes a time when they do not feel fulfilled anymore. He asked what should one do after that.

Co-guest Waheed Khan said: “You should divert your attention with different activities. If you like horse riding do that.

“You have to stay committed if you have children.”

Momina disagreed with Waheed’s opinion and replied:

“This is wrong. No sir, when you have had enough of a woman how can you keep her with you just because she is the mother of your child?

“You have had enough right? You are being unfair to the person you are forcefully living with.

“Where there is love how can you have enough of someone? I don’t understand this definition.”

Wasi clarified Waheed’s opinion and pointed out that when you are committed to someone you agree to stay with them for the sake of commitment.

Momina went on to speak about her family life by sharing that she has seen the love her father has for her mother and how he eagerly waits for her to finish dressing so he can see her.

She said: “I have faith in this kind of love and that it exists in this world. It’s not that they don’t have arguments, they do. But they don’t disrespect one another.

“A woman leaves her family home for her husband, my dad takes care of my mother’s smallest wish.

“I pray that my father is blessed with son-in-laws who are as loving as he is.”

Momina Iqbal became emotional as she continued:

“I see people getting divorced and I get anxiety when a couple begin to mistreat one another on social media and in real life too.

“I feel that if you have had good times with someone then you should continue to remember those times after divorce.

“When a couple parts ways, and they talk negatively about one another, why are you saying it now?

“You lived with that person, how did you spend that much time with that person? You’re the coward.

“And I have a problem with these girls who stay too. You have options, we are educated, we know these things.”

Momina concluded by requesting everyone to stop sharing their bitter thoughts on social media post-break-up, as it can hurt an individual’s mental health.

The episode was appreciated by viewers and one complemented Momina on her maturity.

“Momina is an intelligent girl, I wish her a happy healthy and prosperous life.”

“Good show and a good episode. Momina Iqbal has a beautiful personality and soul. I agree with her. Show no hatred, respect and love those relationships which falter or don’t work out.”

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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