Ahad Raza Mir becomes 1st South Asian to Play Hamlet in Canada

Ahad Raza Mir has been focusing his efforts on theatre work in Canada, becoming the first South Asian actor to play Hamlet.

Ahad Raza Mir becomes 1st South Asian to Play Hamlet in Canada f

"I’m just happy I could make it work to fly back here"

Ahad Raza Mir is focusing on theatre and took to the stage in Toronto, Canada, where he became the first South Asian actor to play Hamlet.

Speaking about his new venture, he said:

“I think many actors will agree that getting the chance to be on stage, especially if you have spent some time doing film and TV, is grounding.

“It is an opportunity to get back to your roots and what you love about acting. And of course, it’s also Hamlet.

“Every actor dreams of playing the role just once, and so to get a second opportunity is amazing.

“I did not anticipate almost three years of delays. I’m just happy I could make it work to fly back here and do the rehearsals.”

The live performance of Hamlet was due for release in 2020 but it was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Ahad spoke about his workload during the pandemic and admitted that he had the highest record for an individual to take PCR tests.

He recalled: “I spent the first few months of Covid at home and had the chance to be with my family which doesn’t happen often, but then things became busy again.

“I shot Resident Evil with Netlfix in 2021 and then World On Fire with the BBC in 2022 as well as some projects in Pakistan.

“I think I have taken around 700 PCR tests. That may be a record.”

Speaking about his childhood, Ahad revealed he was born in Karachi but his father, Asif Raza Mir, moved the family to Canada to shield them from the glitz and glamour of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

They returned to Pakistan once the children were older, but Ahad stayed behind for university.

He went on to say that his move to Pakistan was coincidental and that his initial plan was to stay in Toronto and had begun his search for an apartment.

“I came and took some meetings and looked at apartments.

“Then I went to Pakistan for what I thought was just a summer vacation, but my career took off and I ended up staying there and working for many years.

“Everyone knows Bollywood for its movies and Pakistan is known for long-form television. I was in Yakeen Ka Safar, that changed my life almost overnight.”

Ahad Raza Mir touched on nepotism and explained that it was easy for people to say what was on their minds and that it was common for a child to follow in their parent’s professional footsteps.

He admitted that he did not understand his father’s success until he took a trip to Pakistan.

“I didn’t even understand that my dad was a celebrity until we took a trip back to Karachi when I was a child.”

“I won’t deny that coming from the family that I come from opened doors, but if people don’t like your work, it won’t last.

“I have been very lucky to be on some series and build my fan base, just to be a working actor is not something to take for granted.”

Ahad has made a name for himself in the showbiz industry and has appeared in dramas such as Angan, Yeh Dil Mera, Hum Tum and Ehd-e-Wafa.

His father Asif Raza Mir is a talented actor in his own right and shot to fame in the hit drama serial Tanhaiyan which starred Marina Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, Qazi Wajid and Shehnaz Sheikh.

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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