7 Professions that make Asian Men Marriage Material

The famous make or break question for a successful rishta: “What job do you do?” Here are 7 careers that make Asian Men Marriage material.

“Mera beta business karta hai”

Marriage and careers, the two most important things in the Desi universe.

Forget the looks and the personality, the profession of an Asian man is all that really matters.

You’ll be thanking your parents for the boring medical degree they made you do when you enter that rishta room for the very first time.

DESIblitz explores 7 professions that make Desi Men irresistible.



The most irresistible career choice of them all.

The famous, “My son is a doctor,” line. Enough to make any woman go weak at the knees.

And this guy will be right on hand to fix them:

“My husband is a doctor, and although I don’t see him much because of the long hours, it definitely comes in handy when I or the kids are ill!” says  Jaspreet.

Do the pros ever stop?



“My son is a lawyer,” is another popular line for Asian parents.

According to Tinder, lawyers are the most attractive professions for men, raking in the most ‘right swipes’.

Soon enough, Tinder will be playing the Desi matchmaker role for you.

Finally, that intense law degree will be worth it when you’re receiving all those right swipes.

Think of the amount of money that will be saved if the marriage goes wrong? Result!



Every girl’s parents will tell them they need someone to help control their spending habits.

Someone to tell them the clothes and shoes they want just aren’t in their budget.

Also, someone who can count their £50,000 salary right in front of their eyes.

How can a Desi girl resist?



If simply counting money is not your thing, then perhaps being a money-maker will sweep your wife-to-be off of her feet.

Investment bankers notoriously live their lives in the fast lane. Known for being quick-thinking risk takers, your wide will never be bored.

Especially, with a sports car and lavish London townhouse to keep her company.



The archetypal Desi profession: “Mera beta business karta hai.”

Just as valuable as a medical degree in the rishta world, men who run a successful business appear to possess the irresistible charm of having a steady handle on life.

You’ll definitely make your prospective in-laws happy with this choice. How could they possibly say no?



Dental treatment prices are outrageous. £15 for a 5 minute check up just for someone to tell you everything is absolutely fine.

However, imagine being married to a dentist and receiving this, plus extras, for free.

Every young girl’s dream, or nightmare:

“When I was younger I was always scared of the dentist, but then I met my husband and all those fears vanished,” says Harkiran.

A guy with a true Desi job and someone who helps women conquer their fears.

Maybe the dentist beats the doctor after all?



Last (and probably least) is the guy who didn’t make it as a doctor but still doesn’t want to let his parents down.

Someone who has their parents best interests at heart and makes up for the marriage material points they lost for not becoming a doctor.

Plus, every woman needs someone to remind them it’s okay to take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen at the same time.

Women would be forever in unnecessary pain if it wasn’t for this guy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Asian men with a different career are not marriage material.

Just not as much as these guys. Don’t worry, your engineering and IT degrees aren’t completely wasted.

But if you are an Asian man looking to score endless bonus points with both your future wife and your in-laws, then perhaps one of the above professions is the way to go!

Kiesha is a journalism graduate who enjoys writing, music, tennis and chocolate. Her motto is: “Don’t give up on your dreams so soon, sleep longer.”