7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women

A modest blouse and top may appear hard to find among the endless high street fashion. We highlight seven designs for you to take inspiration from.

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women f

Modest blouses are a symbol of feminism

Modest wear has seemingly been known as ethnic wear so how do blouses and tops fit this category?

The modest fashion industry and Western high street fashion have been considered two separate domains.

Yet when these two areas come together they excel in empowering many young women who are trying to abide by the modest dress code.

This pulls into question: what is modest fashion?

UK designer Saleha Bagas, who owns her online modest fashion brand shed light on this question. She explained:

“Everybody has their own version or level of modesty, but it attracts women who don’t want to show flesh just because it’s being advertised.

“Modest fashion gives the modern modest woman something she wants to wear, without her having to compromise on style.”

The range of styles includes long sleeves, looser fittings, no-cleavage garments and more.

As a result of modest clothing gaining popularity, a 2018 report by Dinar Standard and Reuters highlighted how consumers spend an estimated $270 billion (£230 billion) on modest wear.

This is expected to rise to $361 billion (£308 billion) by 2023. It is no wonder the West have taken heed from modest fashion.

Here we look at seven splendid blouse and top designs for modest fashion wearers to take inspiration from.

Floral and Frill

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - monsoon

The double Fs: florals and frills surely make an impact and this modest blouse is exactly that.

The vibrant floral pattern set against the green coloured backdrop creates the perfect spring/summer setting. Not only will you look good, but you will also feel good.

The covered button fastening with rouleau loops falls down the front of the blouse. These covered buttons disguise seamlessly into the pattern on the blouse.

This top is great for modest wearers because the high-neck promotes coverage. You will look striking while not revealing more skin than you prefer.

To add character and drama to the top, the frills at the shoulders intensify the impact of this beautiful blouse.

Another extra touch to this blouse is the bow-ties at the cuffs that add dimension to the piece.

Since this top is made from 100% viscose it creates that perfect summer drape with a soft feel.

We advise you to ensure you have a blouse like this in your spring/summer wardrobe. It will be amazing to don for a formal occasion with pair with wide-leg trousers and strapped heels.

The Modist

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - stripes

This stunning designer Palmer//Harding blouse from The Modist is just that: modest.

The extravagant asymmetrical hem design elevates an otherwise simple blouse. The greater length at the back allows for more coverage.

Throughout the blouse run aqua-blue and white pinstripes that allude to a longer frame.

This modest silhouette is designed with a relaxed fit, classic collared neckline and full-length sleeves.

If you prefer a more structured fit then the removable waist belt cinches through the side seam openings. This will let you change up the drape of the blouse.

There is no doubt this blouse is perfect for a savvy woman who means business and is not afraid to show it.

Pair this modest blouse with slim trousers and deep red pointed heels to complement the look.

Despite the heavy price tag of £445, you are always allowed a little self-indulgence.

Staple White Shirt

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - white

A white blouse is a must-have staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. The versatility of a white shirt is unprecedented.

It can be dressed up with a skirt for a formal occasion or can be thrown on with a pair of jeans for a casual outing.

We have selected this tailored sartorial piece from Ganni that will meet all your modest top requirements.

Ganni is well-known for its sophisticated dresses and bold prints, yet this white shirt is simply striking.

The full-length sleeves with extended tailored cuff and button fastening add a touch of sophistication.

While the long-length blouse with a curved hemline falls below the hip thus allowing for more coverage.

To give the shirt structure, the belt tie (which is also detachable) cinches at the waist and enhances the femininity of the shirt.

If you are worried about the transparency of a white shirt do not fret. This poplin shirt is made from 100% cotton poplin and is opaque so you do not need to layer up to cover up.

A great outfit option would be styling a white shirt with a pair of jeans and vibrant heels for a pop of colour.

Longline Tunic

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - grey tunic

Another modest wardrobe essential is this longline grey tunic. This design alludes to an ethnic kameez which is traditionally worn over a salwar.

With the greater acceptance of Eastern influence into Western mainstream fashion, women can enjoy the best of both cultures.

Modest women feel less excluded by fashion brands because of their recognition for more modest friendly pieces.

Although there is a long road to acceptance, this longline top is a testimony to the gradual acknowledgement of modest fashion.

This top is simply beautiful. Despite the plain design, this allows you to either enhance your ensemble with statement accessories or keep it casual with a pair of white trainers.

The retractable sleeves give you the option to play around with the sleeve length to what suits you best.

Remember sometimes less is more so bask in the simplicity of this top. There is no denying that you will look effortlessly chic.

Minimal Yet Playful

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - burgundy

We just cannot seem to get enough of frills. This elegant burgundy top is an emblem of beauty.

The A-line cut creates an elongated bodice which will elevate your look while the pointed collars enhance the sartorial appeal.

If you are someone who prefers the seamless look then this shirt is ideal for you.

The hidden button fastening is concealed with an overlap while the two hidden seam pockets blend into the design effortlessly.

This not only looks better, but also it is a practical addition to the shirt for those who like to keep their phones close.

The focal point of this shirt is the two frilled layered hem detailing which is crafted from lightweight material.

Wear this style shirt with black jeans, a black leather jacket and white strap heels for the ultimate chic look. Feel as confident as you look with this outfit option.

A Touch of Shimmer

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - sequence

Who says modest blouses or tops must be limited in style? Take it up a notch with this sequin top.

The long sleeves with elasticated cuffs and the round neck help you stay covered yet look glamorous.

Incorporate this sequin style top into your party outfits and stand out amongst the crowd as your top takes all the attention.

This top looks exquisite on top of blue straight-cut jeans with gold strapped heels.

Alternatively, pair this top with a pleated skirt for a dressier look. Keep accessories to a minimal with hoops earrings.

Classic Combination

7 Modest Blouse & Top Designs for Modern Women - black and white

The colour combination of black and white is a much-loved duo. It carries with it a sense of elegance and poise.

Despite many people thinking that it is an outdated and boring combination, it is, in fact, a timeless match.

The bold black and white houndstooth check pattern throughout the blouse is a rendition of how these colours tie together effortlessly.

This elegant modest blouse includes long sleeves, pointed collars and a tie waist which provides structure.

To break the colour combination the textured gold button fastening incorporates a shine to the woven fabric.

For a statement outfit option pair the blouse with faux leather trousers, large earrings and chunky white strap heels.

This outfit option will give you that edgy-chic look.

These striking modest blouse and top choices are ideal for those who are confident in themselves to know that showing skin does not correlate to attractiveness.

Modest blouses are a symbol of feminism and resonate with the notion that modesty is a force to be reckoned with.

It strengthens the idea of female empowerment as they have a large choice of what to wear concerning the modest dress code.

For so long women who are rethinking the way of modesty have been side-lined, yet with the growing popularity, this is changing.

Despite the question of what is deemed as modest clothing being constantly debated, remember it is also related to showcasing your feminist ideals.

This is because the modest dress code can express much more than just your outward look.

Remember modest clothing is not limited to ethnic wear, rather you should experiment with various patterns, shapes and cuts.

We hope our list of blouses help you select the ideal blouses and tops for your modest needs.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”