Viral Video of Woman wearing Henna Blouse Divides Internet

A video of a woman wearing a blouse made out of henna with a saree has gone viral, leaving social media users divided.

Viral video of woman wearing henna blouse divides internet - f

“This is pretty badass! Love it.”

The internet is divided over a video in which a woman is seen with an intricate henna pattern in place of a saree blouse on her body.

The unique henna blouse was worn by Mrs Asia USA 2022 Meenu Gupta in an Instagram video, which has gone viral.

Meenu discarded the traditional saree blouse and opted for a unique henna design that covers her front and back instead.

In the video shared to Instagram, she can be seen dressed in a white saree with henna drawn over her shoulders and forearms.

The video shared by @thanos_jatt has since amassed over 3,500 likes and 120 comments.

In the caption, the user wrote: “Henna blouse, what’s next?”

Social media users roasted the woman’s bold choice of painting her upper body with henna.

One user wrote: “Why would you waste your time doing this? Imagine how long it took to dry…”

Another user commented: “Went from choli ke peeche kya hai to choli kahaan hai real quick.”

A third added: “This looks so trashy.”

The saree is an original design from the clothing brand Six Yards Of Weave By Keka.

After being posted online, the video has attracted over 269,000 views.


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While some social media users mocked the design, others praised the creativity behind the henna blouse.

One user wrote: “Wow, this is so cool, perfect for a summer wedding.”

Another user commented:

“This look is spectacular. The gorgeous chikankari saree, the jewellery, hair – everything is on point!

“But most of all your confidence and elegance wearing it, you go girl!”

A third added: “This is pretty badass! Love it.”

A saree is recognised as a staple outfit for many Indian women that is usually reserved for special occasions.

With each passing year, saree fashion trends change and become more experimental.

Henna is also typically reserved for the wedding season and limited to the hands and feet, however, this video could be the beginning of a new and exciting trend.

The original video was shared on November 13, 2021, by @creativefacesbyjain on Instagram.

The US-based henna tattoo artist regularly posts her unique and incredibly detailed designs on her Instagram page.

Talking about the blouse, Jain wrote on her Instagram Story:

“I have been sketching this pattern for over 3 months on how I wanted the blouse to look, finally decided to do the half shoulder blouse.

“The output and results are astonishing as you see.

“The model is my close friend @stylewithmeenu who is representing Mrs Asia India 2021 this year in the USA who is wearing this blouse.

“She was extremely patient through the entire process while doing this intricate design.”

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