Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez

Knitwear is the perfect way to layer an outfit. We look at different cardigan and buttoned sweater styles to wear with salwar kameez.

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez ft

Experiment with their aesthetic style.

Knitwear is seemingly overlooked by the fashion world despite being a staple outwear piece.

The comfort of a cardigan is like no other, not to forget the versatility of knitwear is endless.

Thanks to designer brands like Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga knitwear is once again becoming a fashionable trend.

Everyone is aware of how to style knitwear with western outfits such as jeans, dresses and trousers.

Yet, what many do not know is that cardigans look equally as chic on ethnic wear, namely salwar kameez.

DESIblitz explores eleven knitwear options to choose from to wear with salwar kameez to create the perfect match.

Simple Knitwear

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - simple

This classic simple cardigan is a cult favourite amongst many South Asian women.

They are designed to fall to hip length with large button fastenings. The ribbed detailing enhances the texture of the cardigan.

These simple yet stunning cardigans can be found at your local Desi shop.

The best way to wear this style of knitwear is to opt for a brighter colour cardigan with darker coloured salwar kameez.

Oversized Cardigan

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - oversized

The idea of wearing oversized clothes evokes fear in the wearer’s mind on whether they will look frumpy.

An oversized cardigan is meant to be just that – large, baggy and loose.

Yet, the art lies in how you choose to don this oversized knitwear. In this instance, opt for a fitted salwar suit with a scooped neckline.

The figure-hugging outfit will create a perfect silhouette, while an oversized cardigan falling over your shoulder will create nonchalant fashion.

Wrap Knit Cape

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - cape

Like an open cardigan, a wrap knit cape is created without any type of fastening.

Imagine wrapping around a large shawl but with an opening for your arms. The comfort is unprecedented.

This aesthetic chic is one of the trendiest fashion items as it combines both cosiness and style.

In particular, wearing a wrap knit cape with salwar kameez would enhance the beauty of your ensemble.

Longline Knitwear

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - longline

Longline cardigans reach down past the knees or to the ankles. The length of this type of knitwear creates the illusion of a slender and elongated figure.

They are a great alternative for wearing coats. The hassle of carrying around a coat can be a nuisance, especially during a long day.

Opting for a longline cardigan over salwar kameez will keep you warm without the extra fuss.

Longline cardigans are made from knitted wool, cashmere or polyester wool.

They are a staple piece of clothing found in everyone’s wardrobes. If you do not already have one be sure to get your hands on this knitwear.

Black Loop Knitwear

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - loop

This beautiful loop knitwear is unlike the other cardigans. Its shaggy texture adds dimension to the piece.

Loop cardigans look exquisite over salwar kameez as they provide a quirky flair to the ensemble.

They would be best worn with bold geometric patterned salwar kameez to create the ultimate match.

This type of knitwear is not for the faint-hearted, rather it is for those who are not afraid to experiment with their aesthetic style.

Belted Cardigan      

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - belt                           

This belted beauty is both fashionable and practical. The belted detailing allows for the cinching of the waist.

Tying the belt into a bow over your salwar kameez adds dimension to your outfit.

On the other hand, tie the belt back into a knot to allow for an open front with structure.

They can be found in varying lengths from full length to short cardigans and can be worn for a casual or formal occasion.

To dress up your attire wear a long-belted cardigan, salwar kameez and stiletto heels.

Sleeveless Cardigan

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - sleeveless

Sleeveless cardigans allow for more of your salwar kameez to be on the show.

The sleeveless design is perfect to wear during cooler months.

Sleeveless cardigans are the easiest way to layer your outfit because they can be worn with all styles of salwar kameez. The options are endless.

They come in a variety of lengths, short, medium and long to complement your taste.

A chic outfit idea would be wearing a sleeveless cardigan with a bell-sleeve kameez, form-fitting trousers and strapped block heels.

This ensemble combination will surely make heads turn.


Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - crop

These cropped cardigans are the most minimal knitwear, as the name implies they fall below the chest.

Cropped knitwear would look stunning with salwar kameez which had intricate thread work embroidery.

They are made from thin materials such as knitted lace. This makes it perfect to wear with a long kameez.

Available in various designs, a fringed hem crop cardigan is simply stunning. The tassel detailing evokes a Boho vibe to any salwar kameez.

Hooded Cardigan

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - hooded

A hooded cardigan may sound a little odd to wear with salwar kameez, but if dressed right it can create an alluring combination.

This style resembles a jacket yet it is lightweight in comparison. It would best flatter a plain salwar suit to be worn for a casual occasion.

Hooded cardigans are available in various lengths from hip, knee or waist length to suit your preference.

Do not shy away from experimenting with your ensemble. The hood design creates a sporty look which provides your ethnic outfit with a western touch.

Zipped Cardigan

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - zip

Another jacket style knitwear is this zipped cardigan. This type of knitwear is ideal for a formal occasion.

Wearing a zipped cardigan will provide your ethnic outfit with a touch of elegance.

They are usually made from linen cotton, knitted wool or polyester wool.

A zipped cardigan is not limited to women. Men can also wear this type of knitwear over their salwar kameez. They will certainly ooze poise and class.

Open Front

Stylish Knitwear to wear with Salwar Kameez - open

This type of knitwear is available in an array of different styles which are made at knee length.

They are found in numerous patterns, colours and prints or alternatively plain coloured cardigans are available.

Open cardigans are designed without buttons or a zip closure allowing the cardigan to flow effortlessly down your body.

This knitwear style is typically made from linen cotton, polyester wool or knitted wool.

They would be great to wear with salwar kameez as the open front would allow the embroidery on your kameez to be on the show.

If you don a plain salwar suit then a printed open cardigan would spruce up your outfit.

Cardigans are an amazing way to layer your salwar kameez. Each style of knitwear creates a different look.

Whether you wear a cardigan with salwar kameez for a casual or formal occasion there is a style to suit everyone.

Be sure to invest in knitwear and experiment with various looks to find what flatters your aesthetic fashion.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of New Look and Google Images.

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