7 Shoe Styles to Wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez

Choosing the right shoe styles to wear with women’s salwar kameez requires a certain aesthetic. We take a look at numerous options for various occasions.

7 Shoe Styles to Wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez ft

Wear them right by choosing the perfect shoe

The right shoe styles can instantly enhance the dynamic of your outfits. Yet, they are often overlooked.

There is no denying that dresses and gowns are beautiful and glamorous attires that require great attention.

Salwar kameez is an exquisite attire that is usually disregarded. It exudes elegance and charm of its own.

While this traditional and comfortable attire is worn popularly in India, it is the national dress of Pakistan.

Salwar kameez is worn by both men and women alike. Those worn by women are designed with a feminine touch and are accompanied with a dupatta.

A classical Punjabi salwar suit comprises of three elements: salwar, kameez and dupatta.

Salwar kameez are available in an array of different styles from beautiful modern wear to traditional and elegant. Salwar kameez  would not look right with your regular pair of trainers.

If you have decided to adorn a set of salwar kameez for a particular occasion, but are confused about what jutti to pair your attire with, worry no more.

We have created a list of seven different types of shoe styles that can be sported with salwar kameez.

Patiala Salwar and Jutti

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - juttis

Patiala salwars are known for being heavy with numerous cascading folds falling on the legs.

They are often worn with Patiala style Punjabi juttis.

Juttis are traditional flat shoe styles made of leather or leather substitutes. They are available in gorgeous colours, designs and patterns.

These juttis are embellished with intricate thread work, tilla, zardosi, and other forms of handwork embroideries.

Wearing salwar kameez with a Punjabi jutti is a tried and tested combination, which will surely catch attention.

Pumping the Desi Look

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - stilettos

Wearing salwar kameez with stilettos would make for a perfect Brit-Asian ensemble.

You can pair them with shades of nude and pastel hues, or even wear bold colours depending on the colour palette of your salwar kameez.

A pair of stilettos can give you poise and make you feel confident like nothing else can.

If chosen well, the fusion of a salwar suit and stilettos can make a very regal combination.

Block Heels

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - strap heels

Other than stilettos, a salwar kameez suit can also be worn with a pair of minimalist two-strap heels. The beauty of the block heel is that it does not strain your feet.

This heel is great if you have a long day ahead.

If you are blessed with a pair of beautiful and shapely feet which you like to flaunt, then you must try wearing open strapped heels.

This shoe style can make your feet look petite and pretty.

If you are dressing up for a wedding or family function, then they will add to the glamour, quotient as well as showcase your dainty feet decorated with henna.

Kolhapuri Jutti

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - KJ 2

Kolhapuri juttis are traditional flat shoes which originated from Kolhapur in Maharashtra.

They are also made of leather or leather substitutes and dyed in vegetable dyes.

The versatility of Kolhapuri juttis makes it possible to experiment with them in numerous styles.

Kolhapuri juttis are very commonly worn with salwar kameez in the Indian subcontinent.

The signature tan-brown Kolhapuri Jutti can be worn with salwar kameez of any colour to complete your sophisticated look.

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - KJ

They are also available in other colours and with intricate embellishments for a glamorous alternative.

Pom-Pom Shoes

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - pom pom

Footwear such as sandals and juttis decorated with pom-poms are simple yet stunning.

From green, blue, pink and yellow they are available in various bright colours.

This striking arrangement of vibrant colours will certainly catch attention.

If you are wearing a multi-coloured salwar kameez, then a jutti decorated with pom-poms could complement your multi-hued attire with a vibrant finish.

You can pick a jutti, kolhapuri or even sandals decked with pom-poms to look chic and ethnic.


7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - loafers

This Western shoe style can also work very well with salwar kameez.

They can be worn in solid colours matching the outfit, or can even be contrasted with the myriad colours in a dupatta.

The tassel detailing on the loafer adds a subtle touch of femininity.

This shoe style looks both fashionable and feels comfortable. You can wear them with your salwar kameez on a casual outing.

Strappy Slip-Ons

7 Shoe Styles to wear with Women’s Salwar Kameez - slippers

Slip-on sandals or juttis are the comfiest footwear ever made. They can also be donned with salwar kameez.

A pair of chappals decorated with beads, or plain sandals with overlapping silver straps can go well with almost any set of salwar kameez.

These would work well for a casual look.

In particular, if you are on the run all-day then this shoe style is a great option.

They are not recommended for a formal occasion, where they might underplay your attire.

Our Advice

If you want to reconnect with your roots and reclaim your traditions, then wearing a set of salwar kameez with a dupatta could be one way of doing it.

This is not to say that those who are not of Punjabi descent cannot try wearing them.

Salwar kameez are comfortable, affordable and complimentary for everyone.

Thus, whoever you are, wear them right by choosing the perfect shoe style to match them with.

We hope our jutti suggestions will help you pick the right pair for every occasion to remain in-style.

Parul is a reader and survives on books. She has always had a penchant for fiction and fantasy. However, politics, culture, art and travel intrigue her equally. A pollyanna at heart she believes in poetic justice.

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