Yes London and John Peter at LFW 2012

London Fashion Week 2012 Off Schedule shows featured some fantastic and very appealing collections. Two brands which made a wonderful impact were Yes London and John Peter (London), showing of their latest designs at this special fashion event.

"The suits are something I could see myself wearing"

A prestigious event took place on Saturday 18th February 2012, at The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair London. DESIblitz was invited to cover the London Fashion Week (LFW) Off Schedule shows, where a host of designers showcased their latest collections from around the world.

Two designer labels that were highlights at the shows were John Peter (London) and Yes London. Having access to all areas, the catwalk, behind the scenes, the designers and stylists; it’s a pleasure to show you what was showcased at the Off Schedule shows.

Deborah St.Louis, CEO of Fashions Finest explained in more detail the concept of the Off Schedule shows at London Fashion week: “This is our third season. This gives support to emerging and established designers around the world an opportunity to showcase their collections through the off schedule shows during London Fashion Week. They can use this as a platform to target a wider audience.”

Buzz and excitement behind the scenes and the adrenaline rush of all models and stylists was in the air. Final rehearsals for models started earlier in the day, making sure posture, grace and walk were rehearsed till perfection.

Choreographer Reuben P Joseph worked with both Yes London and John Peter models. Reuben stated: “It’s not just about walking but to be graceful and showcase the designs with an attitude to reflect the brand’s great collections to the audience.”

The models were styled carefully from hair, makeup to actual outfits. John Peter’s collection styled by Mahreen Hussain, showcased uber trendy casual wear to formal suits. Targeting the male population that chic geek is fashionable. Formal men’s suits were given a touch of glamour to the normal designer suits seen. Tailored and cut carefully, showing off the male physic.

Each male model that graced the catwalk, floated passed. The collection looked comfortable but gave the statement of class and quality.

Cameron Khn model for John Peter said: “Modelling the collection of suits was not just stylish but very comfortable to what I have modelled before. Other collections previously modelled have been quite heavy and not so easy to move in.”

Sharon, daughter of John Peter, was present to ensure the John Peter fashion show made the mark it did with its exquisite selection of menswear from her father’s brand.

Stuart Phillips, award winning celebrity hair stylist said: “The suits are something I could see myself wearing.”

Yes London’s collection showed off amazing designs, from outfits, coats, jackets, accessories. Differing materials and prints used. The collection portrayed ‘a trend setter’ and from reactions witnessed at the show, nods of approval that this is something women would want to wear, and would want to be that ‘trend setter’ in high class women’s fashion.

The talented Italian fashion designer Gino Lavarone of Yes London was behind the incredible look of the models, who walked to the beat of music showing attitude and finesse. The clothes hung from each model as if designed for their individual personalities.

Yes London Accessories complemented each outfit. Not your normal colours, materials and prints used together to create one outfit and one look. But this collection seemed to break that boundary and the artistic genius showcased the masterpiece that will give women the opportunity to be that trend setter.


Reactions from the show included: “I can see myself in that outfit,” and “I have an amazing dress that would go with that coat,” and the outfits were applauded with accompanying cheers.

While the Yes London models were changing back stage, one fan of the collection said:

“The collection made us feel empowered. Some designer’s collections are a little outrageous and you would feel self-conscious wearing them in the ‘real world.’ But this collection can be worn by an A-list celebrity, model, professional working women of any age, any background.”

She added: This collection makes a women feel confident, sassy and sexy.”

Lewis-Duncan Wheelen fashion designer and celebrity stylist stated that he enjoyed both shows and sees both collections doing extremely well.

When questioned about the Asian fashion industry, he replied: “I see the gap getting smaller between the two. I love the beading and intricate work that is used in most Asian outfits and use the same myself. Currently I am styling two major Bollywood actresses who are filming here in the UK and back in India.”

The CEO of Fashion Finest stated:”In the near future we can see more and more Asian designers coming on board.”

The gap between the two fashion industries is slowly beginning to close. More Brit Asians with disposable income wanting this high end fashion, and high profiled and prestigious designers using Asian influence for their collections and styling Bollywood A listers.

The London Fashion Week off Schedule shows may start to attract Asian designers from UK and India to showcase their collections. Thus bringing the global fashion industry closer together.

View our photo captures from the LFW Off Schedule events to get taste of these marvellous collections.

Savita Kaye is a professional and hardworking independent woman. She thrives in the corporate world, aswell as the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. Always maintaining an enigma around her. Her motto is 'If you got it show it, if you like it buy it'!!!

Photos by Safeer Ahmed exclusively for © 2012.