Lingerie is not just for Valentines

Lingerie today is all about unique styles and a huge choice in colours and ranges. Long gone are the boring colours and shades. British Asian women and women in India are now welcoming lingerie as an important part of their wardrobe and we remind you that it is not just for Valentines.

lingerie valentines

Gone are the days of 'Bridget Jones Knickers'

It’s that time of year again beautiful sexy ladies! So how are you going to impress your man this Valentines? What will you be wearing to impress your Prince or Raja?

Most shops on the high street and shopping malls are advertising Valentine’s day with red balloons, teddy bears, roses and of course lingerie.

Shops such as Rigby & Peller, Myla, Intimissimi, Ann Summers to name but a few are all stocking some great ranges for you to choose from.

But why should you only look for lingerie for Valentine’s day? Why not for any other sentimental occasion or simply to treat yourself?

Because lingerie should not be just for Valentines but for any time you want to feel the luxury of delightful underwear on you. Choose the right lingerie and you will feel amazing.

The shops today don’t just have normal boring colours like red and black, but a beautiful range of colours, styles and materials that catch your attention.

One would think that buying lingerie was for obvious reasons, but ladies should carefully choose their lingerie to enhance the outfits.

The last thing any woman wants is her hair and makeup is perfectly done, and probably spent a mini fortune on a stunning outfit, and low and behold visible panty line aka VPL!

So, always choose the right style of lingerie with your skirt, dress, trousers or Asian outfit. It matters!

But it’s not just the VPL; the wrong bra can also cause disaster.

lingerie valentines styles

‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’ as they say. One should not appear too ‘in your face’ so to speak, but the right bra can add that sophistication and the grand finale to any outfit.

Like one would go to a shoe shop to get the right pair of shoes (the wrong Prada’s on any girl’s feet will give blisters!) Same can be said about getting the right bra.

Ladies, it is so important to get fitted.

Unfortunately, 80% of women in the UK wear the wrong bra size. Did you know how bad this is for your health? The wrong bra won’t just ruin your perfect look, but you can suffer back pain too.

A few tell-tale signs include:

  • Breasts overspilling from the cup
  • Straps digging into shoulders
  • Straps falling off the shoulders
  • The band digs into your skin
  • Cup wrinkles from above

 Anyone of these tell-tale signs is a hint that you need to get fitted. But you also want the overall effect that your man looks at you and thinks ‘my perfection personified.’

But don’t feel that sexy lingerie is just for one body shape.

Lingerie can make any women of any shape look sexy and most important make you feel sexy and confident within yourself.

Lingerie is not only about bra and panties. Its about thongs, corsets, g-strings, bustiers, waist cinchers, suspenders, stockings, teddys, dolls and sexy nightwear too.

So, do experiment and buy trying something different because you never know you may make your man go into a sexual frenzy!

So to help, here are some quick lingerie tips for you:

  • Choose the right knickers that don’t dig in and show an overspill. This can happen to any shaped women. Stick to lace not elastic.
  • French Knickers can give that bootilicious look and the same time give the feeling of comfort.
  • If you don’t want to wear suspenders, you can wear hold up stockings which do not need support.
  • A garter can add a wonderful touch to a sexy look, even if you don’t wear stockings.
  • A Teddy or Doll are ideal for a sexy night and those of you who are a little figure conscious can wear a gorgeous long Satin Nightgown that gives that glamorous movie star look.
  • Women who feel a little less endowed can assist their bust with a padded bra, which can boost that cleavage.
  • Women who want assistance their curves, can wear a Wonderbra which definitely is designed to boost the cleavage.
  • If you are wearing a see through top make sure your bra matches the colour of the top or a flesh coloured bra
  • To give your man the scent of your smell all the way, spray a little of your perfume on your bra and panties.
  • Always wear matching sets if you are going out or looking at impressing your man. Don’t get lazy and mix colours!

Speaking to British Asian women about their lingerie buying habits revealed some interesting facts.

Manjit from Hounslow West says:

“Yes, I buy sexy lingerie mainly for myself.

“I have my big date with my husband as we have done for the last 7 years. We both make the effort.

“Lingerie can make or break an outfit, whether it’s an Asian outfit or non-Asian outfit, but it makes me feel confident and sexy too knowing I have this on underneath my clothes.”

So it’s not just to ‘impress the man’ or is it?

Sonia from Ealing says:

“Men want to be with and be seen with confident women in this day and age.

“Wearing sexy lingerie that feels good, looks good, and flatters what you are actually wearing on top makes that difference.”

She adds: 

“It’s the confidence women have about themselves.

“Gone are the days of ‘Bridget Jones Knickers.’

“Regardless of size, sexy lingerie, whether you have a man or not still gives you that confidence.”

But it’s not just the Brit Asian women who think like this. India is trending fast with lingerie boutiques and online lingerie stores too. Gone are the days of those cotton panties and vest like bras.

Straps and Strings, La Peches and Triumph India are examples of brands in India, featuring beautiful Indian models showing the latest in lingerie, from beautiful bras to corsets designed to make any women looking sexy and curvy.

lingerie valentines triumph

Women from India are becoming more liberated about lingerie. It’s not a taboo subject as it once was and changes in India’s lifestyle now oozes a very modern way of thinking in fashion; be it clothes or sexy lingerie.

South Asian women, whether from the UK or the subcontinent want to feel sexy and confident.

Today both women in India and British Asian women know what they want and are becoming more and more comfortable about themselves and their bodies.

So if any of you gorgeous ladies have not been lingerie shopping for a while, why not treat yourself? Remember it’s not just for your man but to give you confidence and make you feel sexy.

If you are buying to wear it for you man, surprise him with something new, maybe a daring colour or suspenders and stockings to go with the rest! If you feel good about yourself, your man will want you even more.

And for those singletons out there, you can treat yourself in the same way to some beautiful and sexy lingerie too and let that confidence pour out of you.

Remember lingerie is not just for Valentines but for any time you want to feel sexy and confident!

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Savita Kaye is a professional and hardworking independent woman. She thrives in the corporate world, aswell as the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. Always maintaining an enigma around her. Her motto is 'If you got it show it, if you like it buy it'!!!

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