Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Lingerie shopping has become a growing success in India. DESIblitz takes a look at the best websites to shop at for sexy and seductive lingerie.

Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

With different cuts and styles, their selection of lingerie is designed to kill.

Lingerie shopping is becoming the big thing in India. Traditionally, the conservative nature of the country meant that the practice of wearing lingerie wasn’t very popular in the past.

For the most part, women’s lingerie consisted of mostly bland, non-sexy styles with little creativity.

Now, there are lots of lingerie outlets online selling lingerie exclusively in India and it is fast becoming a successful trend, much like it is in the west.

In the west, lingerie originated in a similar fashion as India – where mainly simple and plain materials and designs were worn. Even the cut and style of lingerie was different. Pants were high-waisted and bras were not as low cut as they are today.

The lingerie revolution arrived in the 1950s with ‘pin-up’ advertisments modelling lingerie with suggestive poses. Here, more creative designs and cuts were invented and popularised by sexually liberalised women of the ’60s and onwards.

Since then, lingerie styles have continued to change, and now, wearing less and less is seen as sexy.

Lingerie on the market today is made from many different materials that are beautifully embellished and embroidered, giving women that sexy feminine feeling.

With India finally catching up to the changing trends and fashions, DESIblitz present eight Indian lingerie outlets where you can purchase fun and sexy lingerie.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

The first Indian website to ease us into the world of lingerie is ZivaMe.

Zivame offers a wide range of lingerie, ranging from bras, underwear, nightwear, shapewear, swimwear, active wear, comfort wear, and accessories.

They offer different cuts and styles on lingerie (1/2 coverage, 3/4 coverage, and full coverage), so you can find what suits you best. Zivame ships in India and internationally, which is a bonus if you’re not based in India.

They have collections for young adults and bride-to-be, showing off their broad target audience. Have a look at their website here.

Kamuk Life

Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Kamuk Life is another brand in India that offers a wide variety of lingerie. They have different collections for different occasions.

The site has a Teddy lingerie collection, Baby Doll collection, and a Night Glow collection. As well as offering corsets, body shapers, leggings, swimwear, costumes, and accessories.

They even offer ‘plus size’ lingerie. Visit Kamuk Life here.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Prettysecrets have a good selection of lingerie styles on their website.

They have different collections ranging from simple to more detailed and intricate lingerie pieces.

Prettysecrets offers a discount on certain spends. With new arrivals coming in on a regular basis, there’s a look to suit your every need. They even have a workout collection, with fun and vibrant workout gear.

With different cuts and styles, their selection of lingerie is designed to kill.

View their collection here.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Bwitch has a great selection of lingerie for any occasion.

Whether you want something simple or something glam, Bwitch offers a great selection of lingerie and nightwear.

Matching sets and different collections are all available on this site. Be sure to check their ‘What’s New’ section frequently for their latest designs! Find their website here.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

The next popular lingerie site in India is Jabong.

Jabong has everything you need (literally). Their target audience is quite broad, catering for women’s needs as well as men’s. They offer a great selection of clothing for both sexes and lingerie for women.

Jabong offers simple lingerie and playful lingerie, so whatever the mood, they have the product just for you!

Shop their lingerie here.

Lace and Me

Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

This site offers a fun selection of sexy lingerie. Ranging from corsets to even self-adhesive silicone bras! They have even got a section on ‘C Strings.’

Lace and Me do not shy away from anything. Everything you need is on this website whether it’s for everyday use or for fun.

Check it out here.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Clovia is another online store in India that sell women’s lingerie.

They have a different selection to offer including front opening bras. Different and unique, this brand cater for every lingerie need.

Whether it’s a set of matching lingerie or individual pieces of clothing, this website has everything you can ask for. Visit Clovia here.


Growth of Lingerie Shopping in India

Last but not least is Cilory.

From thermal wear to thongs and lingerie bags, Cilory thinks outside of the box.

Their lingerie bags are unique, pretty and elegant. Designed to look like beautiful lingerie, this brand has a unique edge.

Cilory even has a sexual wellbeing section, they do not shy away from their weird but wonderful designs and collections!

Check out Cilory’s website here.

India has opened up to the world of lingerie. It is something that has developed with time.

With a range of websites available and worldwide delivery, there’s nothing stopping us from enjoying the sexy lingerie they have to offer.

Mariam is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. She loves all things fashion, beauty, food and fitness. Her motto: “Don’t be the same person you were yesterday, be better.”

Images courtesy of ZivaMe, Kamuk Life, Prettysecrets, Bwitch, Jabong, Lace and Me, Clovia, and Cilory

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