Wonders of Threading

The ancient method of using a piece of thread for hair removal is now becoming very popular in the West.

Women particularly like having their eyebrows threaded

Beauty is an important part of a woman’s lifestyle.  An important feature of a woman’s body is her face.

One of the biggest problems South-Asian women face is facial hair.  In fact it is a common problem amongst many.  There are various methods to remove this hair.

One is formerly known as Waxing.  This is where hot wax is put on the skin for the “hairs” to stick to the wax and than a fibre cloth is placed on top of the wax and is then pulled off at a quick pace.  This method can be painful and is not suitable for everyone and can sometimes bring out a rash if not suited to your skin.  It is used on legs, arms, and bikini lines and sometimes on the face. This is offered in nearly every Western salon in the UK and in South-Asian beauty shops.

Another form is  Bleaching.  This method does not actually remove the hair but covers it by dyeing it a light blonde colour.  This is a temporary solution for camouflaging facial hair and again is not always suitable for everybody and varies in results depending on skin colour.

Even though there are products, which are out on the market to try and cater for this area and in salons for that matter, not every ethnic group gets the benefit of this.

ThreadingOne form of hair removal, which has fascinated many, is Threading.  This method of ancient hair removal focuses on the entire face, including eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns and cheeks. But it is also used on other parts of the body like the legs.

The origin of Threading is somewhat ambiguous with some claims of it starting in China, others in the Middle East and some strong indications that it comes from India. Eyebrow threading does have its roots from India and is probably the most common way that eyebrows are shaped there.

The idea behind this is that cotton thread is used by twisting and rolling on the surface of the skin which locks the facial hair in the thread and than it is pulled out from the follicle. What is said about threading is that the hair is actually pulled out from the root, as opposed to shaving, where the hair is not!

In the West, it is known as an Indian version of “epliation.” Threading can minimise hair growth by becoming lighter when the hair is starting to grow back and can be hair free up to 4 weeks.  Threading also gives a neat finish on the face.  Women particularly like having their eyebrows threaded as you can get a nice shape from this method.  Also it is a less expensive method compared to others ranging from £2.50 £5.00 for eyebrows and upper lip and around £10 – £15 for facial hair.

It has been reported that major celebrities in Hollywood have taken up this new method.  Names such as Brad Pitt, Liz Hurley and Salma Hayek are fans of this method of hair removal.

The amazing factor is that the popularity of  Threading is not so common apart from within South-Asian or Middle Eastern communities. And it has been a significant part of beauty treatments in high street Asian salons for some time.

But, now, Threading is classed as a new “trendy” method of hair removal in Western salons, and people are astonished as to how easy, pain-free and a perfect finish you get with it.

Here is an informative video about the method of Threading and how it is used to keep facial hair minimised.


It’s good to know that South-Asian beauty treatment methods are not just being appreciated by the West but also implemented and marketed across the country as a “must try” means of hair removal.

Threading is here to stay and its wonders will only continue to spread across the globe making itself available to everyone.

Sandy likes to explore cultural areas of life. Her hobbies are reading, keeping fit, spending time with family and most of all writing. She is an easy going, down to earth person. Her motto in life is 'believe in yourself and you can achieve anything!'

Video clip courtesy of Motion Picture Works.

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