The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

Discover the wonders of India’s Mohammed Ali Road street food! Located in Mumbai, this road hails as the top destination for street food delicacies.

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

"People from all over come to savour the delicacies offered at this place."

Throughout the vast breadth of India, cities such as Mumbai offer various delectable street food. But while DESIblitz have previously mentioned 6 mouth-watering dishes, let’s take a look at one location famous for street food; Mohammed Ali Road.

This long South Mumbai road earned its name from the Indian leader Mohammed Ali Jouhar. He also served as an activist, scholar and poet.

However, despite its historic name, Mohammed Ali Road has become renowned for its street food delicacies on offer.

With photographer Nafisa Lokhandwala, let’s discover more about the tasty wonders that await on this famous street.

Iconic Street Food Haven

As the prime location of her latest photography project, Nafisa explains more on the fame behind this Mumbai road:

“Mohammed Ali Road is famous for the street food. That street is teeming with people, especially during the month of Ramadan. The Minara Masjid is the famous landmark that marks the starting of Mohammed Ali Road.

“People from all over come to savour the delicacies offered at this place.”

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

With intriguing vendors, aromatic flavours and more food than you could possibly imagine, no wonder it hails as a top spot for Indian street food. But what specialities does Mohammed Ali Road offer?

Kebabs Galore!

From kebabs to Phirni to Biryani, Nafisa reveals the whole scope of what delicacies awaits any eager foodie here:

“Mohammed Ali Road is the destination for kebabs in Mumbai. It is known for the seekh kebabs and tangdi kebabs.”

Seekh kebab hails as the most popular type of this dish, using minced meat such as lamb. The meat is spiked through with a skewer and cooked over an open stove.

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

Tangdi kebab normally comprises of chicken meat.

Nafisa also adds: “Each street stall prepares these kebabs with slight variation in taste.” With each vendor taking pride in their own takes on the famous dish, you will surely come across a multitude of unique flavours and colours at this street food destination.

In terms of cost, “the price of kebabs start from Rs. 100 (approx. £1.20) for 6 pieces”. A good value for a tasty snack.

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

What other delicacies are available at Mohammed Ali Road? And what makes them so popular?

Nafisa reveals more, beginning with the succulent dish, Shawarmas.

These are “as authentic as they can get prepared by the street sellers in Mumbai. They scrap slices of slowly cooked chicken and assemble the fries and sauce and the tender chicken into a roll.”

A Levantine dish originally, its popularity has vastly grown in Mumbai. While chicken remains popular for this dish in the city, meats such as lamb and turkey also create delicious Shawarma.

Nafisa also recommends Phirni: “A sweet dish made using ground rice, milk, sugar, cream and saffron. It is served in clay pots which add to the already authentic taste.”

With a fantastic blend of flavour and spice, you will feel truly tempted to try this dish:

“One pot of Phirni costs Rs. 50 (approx. 60p).”

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

More Delicious Dishes on Offer

The photographer also tells us: “Particularly popular, Malpuas are a rich, pancake-like sweet, deep-fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. It is served hot with rabdi, which is made of milk and milk fat.”

This delightful treat would serve as the perfect dish for anyone with a sweet tooth!

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammed Ali Road Street Food

We also learn of another fascinating dish called Nalli Nihari. Nafisa reveals it is: “Another popular dish of slow cooked mutton or lamb marinated in a variety of spices and served in a rich curry. It is eaten with naan or roti.

“Adding on, each stall cooks a different batch of biryanis, the taste of which is different from one another.”

The Tasty Wonders of Mohammedali Road Street Food

Nafisa also explains that these food items cost around Rs. 100 (approx. £1.20) and upwards.

Mohammed Ali Road hails as a fantastic location for sampling an unique array of Indian street food. From kebabs to Malpuas to briyani, the vendors will have something for everyone.

Nafisa Lokhandwala has captured the spirit of this amazing road in both her words and photos. Another destination to visit when in Mumbai.

Check out our previous interview on Nafisa Lokhandwala and her project on Colaba Causeway.

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Images courtesy of Nafisa Lokhandwala.

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