Why has Shannon Singh quit OnlyFans?

Former ‘Love Island’ contestant Shannon Singh has revealed she has quit OnlyFans. She took to TikTok to explain why.

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"it’s just not a good stain to have on you."

Shannon Singh has revealed the reason why she has quit OnlyFans.

The former glamour model admitted she is scared to be ditching one of her biggest sources of income.

But she wants to show that she is a lot more than somebody who posts sexy pictures.

Shannon took to TikTok to share her life update.

The 24-year-old said: “I have recently just completely shut down my OnlyFans which I know is a really touch-and-go subject but personally for me I just felt I’m way more than that.

“Luckily for me it’s not my only income stream but it’s a major part of it.

“She’s shi****g herself to say the least but it’s a fresh year, fresh beginnings and it’s got lots of controversy around it anyway.

“I think I was constantly trying to prove you can do OnlyFans and still be a good human and still do other lines of work, which is true, but it’s just not a good stain to have on you.

“People are always going to have their own judgements and that’s completely fine regardless of what you’re doing on the page.

“So she’s closed it down and I’m feeling a bit all over the place at the minute.

“I’ve got the support from my family, friends and boyfriend.”

Shannon Singh appeared on Love Island in 2021, however, she was dumped from the show after just 48 hours.

But she has gone on to stream on Twitch and host a podcast.



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Continuing to explain why she has quit OnlyFans, Shannon said:

“I think the main reasons for shutting down was you can’t get away from the stigma regardless and some people manage to break away from it.

“I’m going to try different ventures and have fun with it because I feel I’m way more than that.”

“This isn’t me slagging it, like I’m too good for it, not at all, I just know I’ve got so much more potential and other things to offer.

“But I still stand for being able to do whatever you want.

“I’m a glamour girl, I can’t just change that but I think hindsight is an amazing thing and people can change and this is just the route I want to go down.

“I’ve got way more potential and I’m just excited.”

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