Tributes paid to NRI Student who died while Cliff Jumping in Canada

Tributes have been paid to a 21-year-old Indian student who died while cliff jumping. He was living in Canada.

Tributes paid to NRI Student who died while Cliff Jumping in Canada f

"While going down in the waterfall, he hit a rock on the head"

Tributes have been paid to an Indian student who died while cliff jumping in the District of North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon Park.

Harman Sandhu was critically injured after jumping several metres off the Twin Falls Bridge on July 3, 2024.

Despite efforts from first responders, the student succumbed to his injuries.

Swaroop Sodha, one of Harman’s friends from India, said he had a spirit for adventure, which had prompted him to move to Canada after school, away from his hometown of Jaipur.

Speaking about the day of the incident, Swaroop said:

“Harman went out to The Twin Falls with friends of his friends, and the reports that say he didn’t know how to swim are completely false, blaming all of it as if he jumped being that stupid.

“He knew how to swim, but he didn’t have any experience jumping from such a height.

“He wasn’t fully confident jumping in, and it was peer pressure he finally caved to.

“While going down in the waterfall, he hit a rock on the head, which made him unconscious, and as he reached the bottom of the fall, he drowned.”

According to witnesses, Harman was unsure whether to jump and the crowd had been encouraging him to do so.

First responders said Harman was found lower down in the river, but he was badly hurt by the time firefighters were able to pull him to shore, where they performed CPR.

He was then put into a helicopter for transport to hospital.

Some areas of the river are safe for swimming but this spot is not one of them.

The area in the canyon is a popular spot for thrill-seekers and has been the site of many deaths in years past due in large part to the unpredictable conditions.

North Shore Search and Rescue volunteer Scott Merriman told Daily Hive:

“The canyon there, the water is stronger than people anticipate, and it’s very easy to get in trouble, and when the current has you, you are really at its mercy.

“There’s pretty clear signage at Lynn Headwaters at the suspension bridge, highlighting the dangers and how many fatalities we’ve had here. All of that area is fenced off.”

The death is among several callouts from first responders to this area in recent days.

Swaroop continued: “Harman was carefree; he worried about not being able to live his life to the fullest and turning old and having responsibilities later on.

“So he tried to participate in new things all the time, and in all of his friends’ eyes, he fairly succeeded.”

Swaroop was told it was the people with Harman who called for help but he wants to know why they didn’t look after him and warn him before he jumped since he didn’t know the area or the risks.

He said: “He was stupidly adventurous; he was an adrenaline junkie for sure.

“This is one of the reasons why he wanted to move someplace new and have new experiences altogether.

“Harman going away like this has hit us hard, which I don’t think his friends or family are able to accept yet.

“It makes you understand that one should never try to do something their conscience doesn’t allow them to and fall prey to petty things like peer pressure.”

The student’s loved ones have started an online fundraiser.

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