Teenage Dealer imprisoned & sexually assaulted Drug Addict

A teenage drug dealer imprisoned an addict after building up drug debts. The month-long ordeal included the man being sexually assaulted.

Teenage Dealer imprisoned & sexually assaulted Drug Addict f

"You further humiliated him by sexually abusing him."

Mohammed Iqbal, aged 19, of Wakefield, was jailed for 12 years after he imprisoned and sexually assaulted a drug addict.

Leeds Crown Court heard that between April and May 2021, he bullied, attacked and humiliated the man in his own Wakefield flat after he built up drug debts.

The man was diagnosed with severe mental problems.

Iqbal took advantage of the man after selling him drugs.

The man amassed debts that he could not afford to pay back.

Recorder Jeremy Hill-Baker told Iqbal: “What followed was a persistent course of conduct by you whereby you manipulated and severely bullied him.”

Iqbal made the man drive him around so he could make cash collections.

If the victim did not meet standards, Iqbal would assault him.

The teenage drug dealer kept the man’s bank card and used it, limiting the victim with how much money he had to spend.

He also fitted a padlock to an internal door at his home and kept him out of rooms.

Recorder Hill-Baker said: “You assaulted him repeatedly with a number of weapons, causing him multiple bruising and burnt him with a lit cigarette.

“You further humiliated him by sexually abusing him. He lived in fear of the assaults.”

On two occasions, Iqbal forced the drug addict to perform a sex act and sexually assaulted him with a vacuum cleaner.

He also threatened to give crack cocaine to the man’s son if he informed the police.

The man first spoke of the abuse after his mental health worker raised questions about his injuries, but was so terrified that he gave a false story. It was only after he was moved from his flat that he finally broke his silence.

Iqbal denied the offences but was found guilty of sexual assault, causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, holding a person in slavery or servitude, two counts of actual bodily harm and attempted assault by penetration.

In a victim impact statement, the man said he was suffering from nightmares, is scared to go out and is terrified of seeing Iqbal again.

In mitigation, Paul Addison said: “There’s nothing I can add, to be frank, about this. He continues to deny the allegations, therefore my hands are tied to what I can say.”

Recorder Hill-Baker said: “It was clear he was a vulnerable and frightened man very much in fear of you who abused him in his own home.

“It was not a single offence, it was a course of conduct, and I have come to the conclusion you are a dangerous offender.”

Iqbal was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with an extended licence period of two years.

Iqbal was also made the subject of a restraining order of indeterminate length and must sign the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Inspector Kristy Wright, of Wakefield District Safeguarding Unit, said:

“This was a harrowing time for the victim who was exploited and living in fear for over a month through no fault of his own.

“Iqbal took advantage of someone who was vulnerable and deprived him of his basic rights.

“When officers found the victim, he had been beaten black and blue, and he was too afraid to speak to us through fear of repercussions.

“I’d like to applaud him on his bravery for speaking out and sharing his experience, which has led to this great result today.

“No one deserves to live in such conditions. We worked hard with partner agencies to safeguard this victim and are ready to help anyone who is a victim of this type of crime.

“This is the first conviction of this nature in Wakefield, and we hope this serves as a stern warning that we will pursue those responsible and bring them to justice.”

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