Sonu Nigam calls T-Series Boss India’s ‘Music Mafia’

Playback singer Sonu Nigam has come out with some startling revelations about T-Series, even referring to owner Bhushan Kumar as India’s ‘music mafia’.

Sonu Nigam calls T-Series Boss India's 'Music Mafia' f

"there are bigger ‘mafias’ here than in the film industry"

Singer Sonu Nigam has called out T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar for being India’s music mafia and tarnishing his career.

This comes after the shocking death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. His suicide was linked to depression caused by his work.

His death led to heated discussions on Bollywood’s alleged unethical practices that favour star kids over newcomers.

Many have raised their voices against unfair practices and this is the case with Sonu. He uploaded a video on Instagram claiming that Bhushan sabotaged his career after years of friendship.

In the video, he said: “Do you remember the time when you would come to my home requesting me, ‘brother record an album for me’.”

He went on to say that several music companies are abusing their powers and creating trouble for singers, composers and lyricists.

“Sushant Singh Rajput died, an actor died. Tomorrow, you can hear the same about a singer, or a composer, or a lyric writer.

“Because the music scenario in our country, there are bigger ‘mafias’ here than in the film industry, unfortunately.”

Sonu went on to allege that Bhushan has connections to organised crime, recalling a time where Bhushan approached him to get underworld criminal Abu Salem off his back.

He is currently serving 25 years in prison.

Sonu explained that he was luckier to have been a part of the music industry from a young age but highlighted the struggles that young artists go through to get their breakthrough.

He said: “Even if a director, producer and music composer agree to work with an artiste, the companies object.

“All the power rests in the hands of two companies. They decide who should sing and who shouldn’t.”

Sonu urged companies to be more compassionate towards new talent and not put them down before their careers even begin.

Social media users are in support of the singer, with the hashtag #UnsubscibeTSeries trending on Twitter.

Fellow singer Adnan Sami voiced his support, stating that Bollywood and the music industry needs a “Herculean shake-up”.

He added that “new singers, veteran singers, music composers and music producers are being exploited to the hilt”.

Sonu Nigam had previously posted a video, urging music industry bosses to be more accepting towards newcomers and outsiders in the industry.

While many supported him, others claimed that the singer’s point was “null and void”.

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