Sonu Nigam reveals why he doesn’t Judge Reality Shows

Sonu Nigam used to judge reality shows but does not anymore. The singer revealed why he stays away from them.

Sonu Nigam reveals why he doesn't Judge Reality Shows f

"Nobody can tell me how to behave"

Sonu Nigam has revealed why he stays away from judging reality shows now.

The singer previously judged the likes of Indian Idol and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

He stated that nobody can tell him how to behave on such shows.

Although Sonu said that he would judge a show if asked to, he wants to enjoy things that he does not want to do on reality shows.

Indian Idol 12 had been embroiled in numerous controversies.

One that received a lot of attention was when singer Amit Kumar appeared on the show as a guest judge.

After the show aired, he claimed that on the show, he was told to praise the contestants irrespective of their performance.

Sonu had reacted to the claims and said that if contestants are praised no matter what, then it is counterproductive.

On why he stays away from judging reality shows, Sonu Nigam said that “today, his instincts don’t allow him to do such shows”.

He went on to say: “I am a man of clear words.

“Nobody can tell me how to behave because we belong to that purest school of music and life.

“If I am asked to do it, I will do it.

“But will I really enjoy doing things that I don’t want to do on reality shows?

Sonu went on to say that the growing popularity of OTT platforms has resulted in decreasing viewership figures for channels.

In a desperate bid to grab eyeballs, channels are trying different things.

Sonu continued: “It’s not their fault because they don’t want their program to drown.

“They are justified in doing things.

“But if I feel I cannot contribute to all that, I’d rather stay away than disappoint them.”

“I’m judging a show in Bengal – Super Singer on Star Jalsa. I feel it’s a show of my interest.

“It has Kaushiki Chakraborty and Kumar Sanu, and a purist atmosphere.

“I feel comfortable there and hope they won’t ask me for such melodrama. If they do, we’ll see!”

Sonu had previously spoken about giving honest feedback to contestants on reality shows.

He had said: “As a judge, we are here to teach something to the contestants.

“We should give honest feedback to the participants.

“Always praising them won’t do any good. how will it work, if you always praise them?

“We aren’t here to spoil these kids.

“Even the contestants won’t understand when they have performed well and when they haven’t if we keep praising them.”

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