Indian Idol 12 criticised by Season 1 Winner Abhijeet Sawant

‘Indian Idol 12’ has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons and now, the show has been criticised by season one winner Abhijeet Sawant.

Abhijeet Sawant reveals Secrets about 'Indian Idol 12' f

"the tragic and sad stories of contestants are redeemed."

Due to numerous controversies, Indian Idol 12 has been criticised. The music reality show has now been slammed by season one winner Abhijeet Sawant.

He indirectly slammed the show by saying that Hindi reality shows are more focused on a contestant’s poor background rather than their talent.

Abhijeet said that reality shows seem more interested in making unrealistic dramas, saying regional shows are better.

He said: “These days, the makers are more interested in whether the participant can polish shoes or how poor he is, rather than his talent.

“If you look at the regional reality shows, then the audience will hardly know about the background of the contestants.

“Their focus is only on singing, but in Hindi reality shows, the tragic and sad stories of contestants are redeemed. The focus is only on that.”

Abhijeet then drew on his own experience during his time on Indian Idol in 2008.

He had forgotten the lyrics during a performance and was given a second chance.

Abhijeet said that if the same incident happened today, a dramatic sequence would have been presented to the viewers.

He continued: “The judges decided among themselves that I should be given another chance.

“But I can tell you with confidence that had it happened today, it would have been served to the audience with full dramatic effects of thunder and shock.

“But the viewers are also responsible. Hindi language public is always hunting for more spice.”

Abhijeet Sawant’s comments come shortly after Amit Kumar, the son of iconic singer Kishore Kumar, criticised the show for its tribute to his father.

Amit has been a special guest on the tribute show and it featured 100 songs of Kishore Kumar.

Judges Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya even sang a few of Kishore’s songs, however, it did not go well.

Viewers slammed the pair for ruining the legendary singer’s songs.

Amit revealed that he did not enjoy his time on the show, saying that the makers told him to praise all the contestants, irrespective of their performance.

On the controversy, Abhijeet Sawant said:

“It is unfair to compare any singer with Kishore Kumar.

“All singers have their own style and are free to pay a tribute in their own unique way.”

Indian Idol 12 has been criticised for numerous reasons.

Viewers had accused the makers of showing a fake love angle between Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal.

Host Aditya Narayan later admitted that the love story was created to entertain the viewers.

The show was also accused of lying about Sawai Bhatt’s poor background.

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