Abhijeet Sawant reveals Secrets about ‘Indian Idol 12’

‘Indian Idol 12’ has seen a lot of controversial moments. Season one winner Abhijeet Sawant has now opened up on the show’s secrets.

Abhijeet Sawant reveals Secrets about 'Indian Idol 12' f

"This is my biggest issue or concern."

Abhijeet Sawant, the first winner of Indian Idol, has revealed the secrets in relation to the show’s 12th season.

He opened up about the changes that were brought in as well as the Amit Kumar controversy.

Indian Idol 12 has seen several controversial moments that have resulted in a wave of criticism.

In relation to the controversies, Abhijeet revealed that “extra elements” are added to the show. He also said that the focus has moved away from singing.

He told BollywoodLife: “Duration of extra elements used to be short at our time.

“But more relevance is being given to these elements today.

“They must give challenging work to the contestants. When you work more on other elements, the level of singing goes down.

“This is my biggest issue or concern. We must spend more time on singing.”

The show has also seen love angles. This included a wedding angle between host Aditya Narayan and judge Neha Kakkar during Indian Idol 11.

For weeks, they had teased that they would be getting married.

However, it was later revealed to be a publicity stunt.

On the love angles, Abhijeet said:

“Every such element was fake in season 11, I have no clue about this season.”

“We need to balance such creative ideas with singing. We must be famous because of our singing and not because of these stories.”

Abhijeet also opened up on the controversy surrounding Amit Kumar.

A special episode was dedicated to Kishore Kumar and his son, Amit, was a guest.

Amit later revealed that he did not like the tribute to his father and said that the makers told him to praise the contestants irrespective of their performance.

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan came out in support of Amit, saying she was also asked to praise all the contestants.

She said: “Not exactly this that everyone had to do this, but yes, we all were told (to praise).

“That was the basic thing. And so, I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t do what they wanted and I had to part ways.

“Hence, today, I am not judging any reality show.”

Abhijeet Sawant said that Amit should have raised his concern during filming, not after the episode has aired.

He said: “I feel if Amit Kumar ji would have even once mentioned that he is not liking the content, singing or the show can be done in a better way, I am sure the creative team would have definitely listened to him.

“He is such a renowned singer of our country and he is in that position where he can communicate to the makers what he is feeling.

“I don’t think it is right to speak after the episode has aired.”

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