Shoaib Malik & Sana Javed trolled over Gym Video

Shoaib Malik and his wife Sana Javed enjoyed a gym session. However, the video led to the pair being trolled.

Shoaib Malik & Sana Javed trolled over Gym Video f

"God gave you a fit husband whom you left."

Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik are finding themselves at the centre of backlash following the circulation of their gym video.

The viral video showcases the couple during their gym session.

Sana and Shoaib can be seen engaging in rigorous training under the guidance of their fitness trainer.

The couple was seen performing various exercises together, including weightlifting and cardio routines, while sharing smiles and laughter.

However, instead of receiving praise or encouragement, the couple has faced intense criticism.

Some netizens taunted Shoaib Malik for what they perceived as poor fitness levels.

Additionally, harsh comments have been directed towards Sana Javed, with some social media users making comparisons to her previous marriage to Umair Jaswal.

One user wrote: “She left a fit bodybuilder for Shoaib Malik and is now taking him to the gym to make him like Umair Jaswal.”

Another comment read: “God gave you a fit husband whom you left.”

One joked: “Bro is giving tough competition to Umair Jaswal.”

Another declared: “You can never touch Jaswal class in any kind.”

One trolled: “When you are stuck in your past.”

These remarks insinuated that Sana Javed is attempting to transform Shoaib Malik into a replica of Umair Jaswal.

Many netizens also think that the couple is desperately looking for attention and are labelling them as a “cringe couple”.

One user said: “They both are desperately trying to get attention but sadly no matter what they are doing they aren’t getting it. Poor them!”

Another commented: “We respectfully don’t care with zero interest.”

One wrote: “No one cares about them that’s why they even go to the bathroom together.”

However, among the hate comments were those that still support Shoaib Malik. His fans quickly came to his defence.

One said: “Shoaib Malik is still fitter than the current whole Pakistan team.”

Another defended: “He has represented Pakistan a lot in his time as a cricketer.

“None of the current cricketers can even come close to Shoaib.”

One commented: “Shoaib Malik is a cricket legend. If anyone is desperate for attention, it’s these haters.”


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Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed tied the knot in January 2024, and their marriage announcement came as a surprise to many.

Given the circumstances surrounding their previous relationships, some individuals labelled Sana Javed as a “homewrecker”.

This negative sentiment has persisted even after so much time has passed.

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