80’s Fashion Returns with Style!

The 1980s era of fashion oozed with bold make-up, big accessories, kooky hairstyles, leggings, minis, heels and leg-warmers. Today it is back in a new stylish form with a revival of that 80’s appeal.

Leggings have now become a popular trend

From dull and boring to bold and flashy, Bollywood was introduced to fashion in the 1980s. The 80’s were all about a mix of styles with beat. It was the time when everyone had their own individual styles depending on their lifestyle and personality.

In 1982, the film Disco Dancer was released. In Disco Dancer, Mithun Chakraborty wore flashy silver bell bottoms and a zebra striped jacket. From then on, Bollywood changed their styles of clothing. They went from simple fashion style to starting a new bright, bold and flashy fashion trend.

Those were the days where we saw leg-warmers, mini skirts, bright high heels, puffed sleeves, polka dots, aerobics wear, tight pants, loose shirts, denim jackets, off the shoulder tops, trainers, headbands, bracelets, acid washed jeans, boy toy belts fishnet stockings, and layers of beaded necklaces.

The elements of casual wear were getting a bit too formal, which was when contemporary was born. Men were seen wearing regular t-shirts under expensive jackets influenced by cult 80′ TV shows like Miami Vice. While women wore off the shoulder t-shirts, mini skirts, bright high heels, and to top it off they added bangs or the famous hair bump to their hairstyle. Throughout the years, people had started wearing trainers on a regular day basis instead of wearing them for athletic wear. Piercings and tattoos also became quite popular back in the 80’s.

The 80’s fashion and trend styles have now returned, and they are back with a few different styles. Leggings have now become a popular trend. Instead of only wearing them at the gym, they are now worn with shirts, sweaters and dresses. Along with that, leg warmers are also back. They go with leggings, and can be convenient for cold winter days.

Back in the 80’s, sweaters and cardigans were worn a lot, as they are now. The only difference is that, back then sweaters and cardigans looked way too big, and had very weird geometrical shapes on them. While now a days, we see long, spacious sweater and cardigans coming out with a variety of styles.

Hairstyles such as bangs and the hair bump have made a comeback, though the hair bump has been modified a little. Instead of having a huge puffy bump on the back of your head, the new trend is to make a small bump on the top of your head.

According to Judy Coomber, Fashion Merchandiser, she says that this time round the 80’s fashion does not necessarily have to be worn the same as before.

“The power shoulder doesn’t have to be too big and can look very elegant with a pair of soft pants or skinny jeans and platform shoes, which again are quite ’80s and help put the whole look together.”

Make up is another trend that has returned. In the 80’s we saw bright, bold colours being worn by stars. For the past couple of years, designers have started experimenting with bright colours, realizing that dull, calm colours aren’t always that popular.

Long pendent necklaces and huge hoop earrings were a popular trend back in the 80s, and have now become in style again. Now a days, hoop earrings are worn with everything while long pendent necklaces are suitable for dresses. When it comes to hoop earrings, the only difference is that back in the 80’s, hoop earrings weren’t silver or gold, instead they came in a variety of colours!

One thing in fashion we all must remember is that whether the style is from the 1900’s or 1980’s, we always develop our fashion trends by looking at the past, and modifying everything for the present. As Yves Saint Laurent once said… “Fashion stays the same, but style is eternal.”

Neha Lobana is a young aspiring journalist in Canada. Besides reading and writing she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her motto is "Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."