Ranvir Shorey accuses Mahesh & Pooja Bhatt of Abuse

Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey has made some explosive accusations against Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt, alleging that they abused him.

Ranvir Shorey accuses Mahesh & Pooja Bhatt of Abuse f

"it was I who was abused by them!"

Actor Ranvir Shorey has accused Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt and his daughter Pooja Bhatt of abusing him. He went on to say that the entire Bhatt family have been targeting him.

He made the revelations in response to an article that claimed that Pooja had been in an abusive relationship with him.

Pooja and Ranvir had been in a relationship and had even got engaged.

The article claimed that Pooja ended the relationship due to Ranvir’s abusive behaviour.

Pooja alleged that Ranvir was an alcoholic who used to beat her up. She said that the actor was abusive, drank too much and on one particular instance, had beaten her in a drunken state.

However, the allegations were always denied by Ranvir and said that they would have their rows like any normal couple.

Now, Ranvir Shorey has taken to Twitter to slam the article and reveal that he was the one being abused by Pooja and her family.

He posted: “These kind of articles are the result of the sustained defamatory & malicious PR campaign that these film moguls have targeted me with for years!

“None of the media will bother to fact check old police and media records that will show that it was I who was abused by them!”

It was reported that Ranvir had even been friends with Manish Makhija who went on to marry Pooja in 2003. In response to several photos of Pooja with Manish, Ranvir said:

“This guy in the photos used to be my best friend right up until after the incident, and then turned around and married her.

“All kinds of relationships are manipulated and psychological warfare used.”

Pooja and Manish went their separate ways in 2014, however, they are yet to be legally separated.

Ranvir previously spoke about his falling out with the Bhatt family in an interview. He had said:

“Every chance and every platform they would get, they would be lying about me, saying I am an alcoholic and abuser.”

“You feel so helpless and powerless because these people are so powerful that the press will just listen to them and not even bother calling you for your side of the story.

You just feel so helpless and frustrated because you can’t do anything about it. It got really toxic for me at the time and I had to leave the country for a while.

“Nobody bothered to check the facts because a certain party is more powerful, famous and more friendly with the media.

“Only their version comes out. The facts and reality of the other person’s story never comes out. The media is to blame for half of it.”

Mahesh Bhatt has been in the headlines due to his alleged involvement in the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The ongoing case has resulted in discussions about the dark side of Bollywood.

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